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NancyJ 05-07-2014 07:55 AM

My truck set up
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Pix of truck. Crates on platform sliding drawers underneath (metal on doors is decorative). Side boxes with fans on top. Between crates is temp sensor and in box is 12 volt battery to supply power to fans. I used to carry a big marine one but this is smaller because I got tired of lugging it in and out and this thing can give me two days of fans. When I travel it is easy to take into motel can see the black under the box.....still work in progress.

The fans are cheap O2 cool. One change I would make is the Endless breeze but these still deliver a lot of air. A friend is a welder. We are going to talk with him about cutting a hole in back of crate so I can mount a fan and pull air in from cab. I drive with the windoors open but it stinks during rain and on days when it is over 95 outside, I get very nervous with him in the back. Oh, the truck is 7 years old and those windows have gone 70mph plus all those years and the struts are still good. They are not "sliders" which are heavier and I have seen struts messed up on those without even doing that. I figure if I tear up the windoors, I get new ones. :). Keeping the dog cool is paramount. I like that I can lock the crates. I have all three latches engaged while driving, and when I stop someplace dicey I lock the door and the tailgate. [trust me, after having $600 worth of gear stolen on a search call.....there is no way to get he dog boxes out without the tailgate down and no way to get the dog out of the box without the key....I do NOT lock things while I am driving though.] I put the hardware cloth on the box because I am paranoid about paws because all my dogs have seemed to get their paws stuck-plus it keeps hands away from the dog and makes it hard to give treats etc. He is so used to being there since a puppy that he does not bark at people or dogs.

The ramp is tucked in to the side and under the platform you can see a box of cooling packs. I take my SAR pack in the house because it has medicines in it and it rides in the cab because it won't fit in the drawers.........but everything else stays in truck ready to go. Still plan to make sliding boxes to go under the platform in the corners and put a front on the side boxes .

onyx'girl 05-07-2014 08:50 AM

Very Nice!!!

Courtney 05-07-2014 09:09 AM

Very nice secure and organized set up.

As summer is among us and more folks become adventurous I will be thinking of you and Beau out there. Stay safe:)

Shade 05-07-2014 09:18 AM

Nice! I love it :)

Buggibub 05-08-2014 10:19 AM

that is an awesome set up.

now you have me worried that i probably can't afford all these awesome things to have a SAR K9...

i really do have zero clue what i might be getting into :/

NancyJ 05-08-2014 10:34 AM

Naw...FWIW, it is over time. The truck is 7 years old and I have slowly taken time to get it just right. I keep vehicles for on average 10-15 years.

Wild Wolf 05-08-2014 10:36 AM

Love it!! Perfect timing, too, since I am currently designing my own set up in my new g. caravan. I am tempted to get that type of crate.

NancyJ 05-08-2014 10:44 AM

There is actually another I would consider........but I did not know of it when I got mine.

Elite K9 has both collapsable and not though I would get the collapsible in a heartbeat for motel rooms! I just don't have another $1000 laying around to get more crates when I have two that are good. An acquaintance has one for her crate destroying machine of a dog and gives it two thumbs up. The latches are not so pretty but the new Owens did away with the upper and lower thumb latches.

Military Working Dog Crate - Collapsible - Tan-Elite K-9

DutchKarin 05-08-2014 10:49 AM

Super cool. Just getting started in SAR and I feel sooooo disorganized with my set up... which isn't much of a set up.
Green with Envy.

Buggibub 05-08-2014 11:12 AM

my current "wilderness" set up is just the backseat of my civic dedicated to my dog, then an always prepped backpack in the trunk with a K9 first aid kit (if it's good enough for the dog, it's good enough for me), buggi's vibram boots (never know- they can stop cacti punctures), bottled water, some freeze dried Primal, glow sticks, and one of those wind-up no battery flashlights, and a hard copy of buggi's vet records in a ziploc bag.

not to thread jack, but what do you keep at a minimum for your tasks? what are some things that I should keep at all times?

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