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misslesleedavis1 02-13-2014 07:57 PM

Search and rescue questions.
In a few years I will be moving out to BC with my future husband, he snowboards and is heavily involved with pro patrol and still does volunteer ski patrol, he has his heart set on being a member of search and rescue avalanche k9 team, which is amazing and I am happy for him, he wants to get a head start on anything and everything he can so he will beable to go with some knowledge, can anyone recommend books he could start reading, or info clubs he could join? I could Google it but I would rather get some good recommendations from real people with real experience :) tia.

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NancyJ 02-13-2014 08:11 PM

Avalanche is such a specialty......I am not sure we have anyone on the board who does that. I would be finding those teams, shadowing them, and pumping them for all the knowledge he can.

dog27 02-14-2014 02:08 AM

Although avalanche search is not my primary focus, I do train for it in winters and have been on some searches. Patti Burnett is a great instructor that I have trained with and she has written this book that I recommend:

Avalanche! Hasty Search
The Care and Training of Avalanche Search and Rescue Dogs

I have also trained with the ski patrol dog teams in our area who are the primary resource for that type of search since they are located in the mountains and do more intensive training specifically for avalanches.

The Wasatch Backcountry Rescue school is highly recommended, though I haven't gone yet:

WBR International Dog School | Wasatch Backcountry Rescue

In Canada you would want to contact the Canadian Avalanche Rescue Dog Association:

Canadian Avalanche Rescue Dog Association | CARDA - Home

Hope this helps.

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