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While 12-19-2013 11:02 AM

snow problems
We tried tracking in the snow for the first time yesterday, about 5 inches of traversed powder. The dog just did not have any clue of what he was doing, had no scent, no trail, nothing, just back and forth over the same area not even close to the object. He even went and marked a few times, then pooped. A clear sign to me he's given up his task.

This is his second winter, but the first time I tried a search in the snow. the object was only about 50-100 yards away from his start position.

So I am assuming that is all for trying to raise a SAR dog. Anyone else have a real issue with snow?

jocoyn 12-20-2013 11:28 PM

Well, I don't have much experience in the snow but the few times we have had some have had no problems with it. Perhaps you can put the post in the tracking forum and would get more responses.

SAR training is full of advances and setbacks, however. He may have thought he was playing because of the novelty of the snow?

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