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gabyeddo 06-13-2014 08:46 PM

Tracking in alfalfa field question.
Today I went to talk to an alfalfa field's owner. He allows me to do tracking on his field but he just cut it. So the field looks like rows of short grass and rows of the cut grass. He said I can lay track on short grass but don't step on the cut grass rows.

My question: will my dog be able to know the difference? Because to me it looks like dirt field with died grass poking out from dirt( he said its growing back) Should I stay with the grass in public parks?

Right now I'm doing only straight line about 100-200steps. I've been practicing on park grass. I only did on long alfalfa just one time. My trainer said I should track on couple different terrains.

Thank you

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onyx'girl 06-13-2014 08:58 PM

I try to track on many different surfaces. But be fair to the dog. I tend to make my tracks difficult which sometimes brings my dogs confidence level down.
He isn't the most driven dog to track for food or articles so I have to motivate his brain to not get bored.
I don't know if I'd track on freshly cut field, maybe wait a couple of weeks for new growth.
One thing we've always been warned about is using wooden stakes(flags) and not the surveyor type for fields that are harvested. In case a flag is forgotten, a metal one can kill livestock if pieces are ingested.

gabyeddo 06-14-2014 12:58 PM

Today I didn't go track on alfalfa because I felt it was little dry. I went to a park again.

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