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GatorDog 12-08-2013 09:51 PM

Aiden got his FH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just a quick brag for my favorite boy. I decided to enter (last minute) for Aiden's FH in Maine this weekend. He had a tough time with some nasty conditions (although what is there to expect for a December trial in Maine? :p ), but he never once stoppped working. I am so incredibly proud of this dog, I don't have any more words.

Just a couple photos until I get the rest from the photographer tomorrow.
12/8/13 by Gator_Dog, on Flickr
12/8/13 by Gator_Dog, on Flickr

mycobraracr 12-08-2013 09:54 PM

Congrats!!! I love the picture with the flags in his mouth.

onyx'girl 12-08-2013 09:58 PM

Congrats to Aiden and you...hard work paying off!!!

KZoppa 12-08-2013 10:01 PM


BellaLuna 12-08-2013 10:06 PM

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carmspack 12-08-2013 10:08 PM

huge congratulations !!!

elisabeth_00117 12-08-2013 10:49 PM

I am so very happy for you! Congrats to you and Aiden!

KathrynApril 12-08-2013 11:24 PM

Grats! He looks so proud. :)

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Wild Wolf 12-08-2013 11:48 PM

I remember when you were struggling towards the IPO1, with little issues here and there... wow, what a long way you've come with Aiden. You have so much to be proud for. Congrats again!

bill 12-09-2013 02:04 AM

Good job!

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