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My5dogs 12-08-2013 04:31 PM

Puppy bonded with me but husband doing Sch
Our new puppy is obviously bonding with me more so than my husband as he works a lot. His concern is the puppy will not perform for him as the pup doesn't have that bond with him as he does with me. Should this be a concern??

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Mary Beth 12-08-2013 05:02 PM

My guess is that it won't be a problem if your husband does make an effort to spend some time with the pup including playing tug and letting the pup win at the end. That should help the bonding by fulfilling the pup's prey drive which he will associate with your husband doing.

Baillif 12-08-2013 05:06 PM

The puppy is going to need to perform for lots of people not just you and your husband. There is going to be times where other people are going to need to work your dog. As long as he is keeping it fun and upbeat and properly motivating the puppy with rewards the little guy is going to do what he needs to do to get at them. The puppy will bond with him just fine.

gagsd 12-08-2013 05:06 PM

Just don't stand on the rail at a trial:).

My5dogs 12-08-2013 05:08 PM

Should he be the only one playing tug etc with him? My husband is saying I shouldn't be playing with puppy? I did send email off to my breeder as well

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Baillif 12-08-2013 05:09 PM

At least not until the guy has been trained to ignore mom cheering from the side lines.

Sp00ks 12-08-2013 05:10 PM

We had this issue with our last Shepherd. As soon as we got her, work started just killing me. 12 hour days, etc.

The main thing we concentrated on is that I was using the same verbal commands as my wife was. She kept me abreast of everything that was going on and I tried my best to fall in line with what she was teaching.

It worked out just fine. It took a little effort but all worked out in the end.

Your husband does have to form a bond with the dog. If tug is his way to do it, fine. There is no reason that I can think of why you can't play with the dog as well.

Baillif 12-08-2013 05:10 PM

As long as you are both being consistent both of you can and should obedience train and do the tug thing. That dog should be trained to go through an obedience routine even if a complete stranger came over and started working the dog as long as the language and routine was consistent.

My5dogs 12-08-2013 05:19 PM

Thank you so much! Same sheet of music is it :) very helpful I appreciate it. He was just worried

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My5dogs 12-08-2013 05:25 PM

I guess I will go to trials in disguise :(

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