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Endurian 12-21-2013 11:16 PM

my rescue samson
Back in June 22nd 2013 Simon was surrendered to Baldwin park shelter in California. I live in PA, I was contacted by a friend who networks dogs on Facebook in July asking if I'd foster this boy till they found him a home. I agreed. He was in there for over a month. The owners surrendered him because they moved. He was labeled aggressive, and other stuff. Had two adopters back out. Well the day came he finally got pulled after freedom pics I didn't hear anything. I contacted the rescue that I was to foster for and they said that he was being fostered in Cali temp till transport. After that I heard nothing. So I figured he was okay and the fosters where helping him.

First week in September I got a message randomly from someone I didn't know telling me the story about how the rescue that wanted him pulled bailed blah blah blah. And asked if I was still interested in taking him and asked if I was fostering or adopting. At this point I decided I would just adopt him. So the transport plans where well planned. September 14th he made His trip to PA. I got him in my hands about 10pm. I about cried when they brought him out I couldn't believe he finally was here. The people at the airport helped me get him out they wanted to see him as well. He got out and omg he was gorgeous. And by no means at all AGGRESSIVE like the shelter had labeled him.

He's been here ever since. He's very protective of me, he's iffy around guys which leads us to believe a guy abused him. His foster parents also agreed. Also thing he was punished and hurt around his neck a lot to. He won't let anyone but me pet his neck, and if u accidently pull his fur he cries, he hates when the leash gets stuck around his legs. But he's a loveable baby. He loves putting his toys in his water dish and he loves water. :)

KZoppa 12-21-2013 11:28 PM

what a handsome guy! Glad you have him.

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