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New puppy problems

We picked our puppy up last Sunday at 9 weeks old. The first night was a little bit unsettled followed by the second, but since then he has slept in his crate fine during the night with around 2 potty visits a night.

Sadly last night he peed inside his crate during the evening and then we discovered overnight he had done it again. I'm a little worried that he can now smell the 'pee' and decides it is ok to pee in his crate. We are using a pet disinfectant but I'm not sure it is the correct one that gets rid of odors. Just anyone have any suggestions for the best sprays?

Aside from that incident, we are also having problems with him peeing inside. It usually comes in bursts and even after weeing outside. He will come back in and generally pee around. I've tried picking him up and taking him outside mid flow but this doesn't seem to achieve much. I appreciate they pee ALOT but each day we are cleaning up around 15-20 times after him. I've also noticed a fishy smell to the urine in the last day or so.

We have a two year old cat and on the first days the puppy didn't care about the cat but the cat was hostile and growling at the dog. However in recent days the dog is barking at the cat and becoming quite angry which is scaring the car, whereas the cat looks like he isn't as fussed now. We have tried locking him out the room and introducing them gradually but I'm scared that if left alone he will maul the cat even at at a young age and I'm worried if the cat swipes him anymore that when he is older there could be big problems between the both of them.

Finally how long does it take for the puppy to learn its name? We have managed to teach him sit already but despite using his name LOTS he doesn't seem to have grasped that yet (that said our cat still doesn't know his name after 2 years!).

Thanks for any advice!
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Lets see, I am relatively new here, know something as my pup is only 11 weeks, and going through similar things.. PEE, I learned that when you out him outside to pee, praise and give treats. When he pees, say the word 'pee' or 'business', something that he will identify with. Puppies pee a LOT, so after every nap, food, whenever, run him out, it may be a dribble, but it will help. Fritz is 11 weeks, no accidents! As for the cats, I am going through the same thing, chasing, barking. I just divided my house in two, put down a chair the cats can jump, the dog can climb over it, but doesn't. Good luck.

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I've used 'UrineFREE' with success, not sure if you can get it in the US, but as long as the product you use is a bio-enzymatic formula, then it will remove both urine stain and odour.

Your puppy is only 9 weeks old and still learning. Puppy toilet training is individual, I've had a GSD pup that was still having accidents inside at 4 months. I always use positive reinforcement, ie puppy gets a really yummy treat and an enthusiastic 'good boy' each time he goes outside. Use a word like 'toilet' or wee wee or what ever and each time he goes outside, say the word so he will associate the word with toileting. I never made an issue out of accidents inside - never yell at him, just pick him up and put outside, if you are lucky he may do another little wee and then you can reward him. Eventually he will learn that if he pees outside, he gets a reward, this will then become habit so you can slowly phase out rewarding him.

Be patient, he is still very young.

if your GSD is eating and eating and eating and losing weight - please consider testing for EPI.

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Puppies do pee alot, if you think he's peeing excessively I would have your vet run a urinalysis to see if maybe has a UTI..

As for the cat, what are you doing to redirect? Make sure your cat has a room or place he can escape to and not be bothered by the puppy, I'd also start working on redirecting the 'cat' behavior, teaching a good LEAVE IT. Leash him up when the cat is around, and redirect/ use food/toys remove him from the cat situation.

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We have used positive reinforcement when greeting with the cat, but it doesn't appear to be working very well. He just seems angry and won't calm down until he is gone. We have blocked off upstairs with a stair gate as the cat enjoys sleeping upstairs and this is working fine. The cat will join us on the sofa downstairs when the dog is crated and sleeping but won't when awake. I'm just worried they may never get on which would be sad considering how easily cats and dogs usually get on!

In terms of pee, we use the word 'wee-wee' everytime outside he does one and give him a treat. He is good at leaving his crate and going outside to wee, but sometimes he comes back in and will wee again or particularly when we are playing inside this is a problem.
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For awhile I set an alarm and took my puppy out every 90 minutes. A few weeks later I upped it to every two hours. I figured it was a good way for him to learn to pee on my time, not his. He also picked up the habit of bringing a shoe to us if he REALLY had to go out. He picked up on this because we don't wear our shoes in the house.

As far as the cat goes, at now 9 months old, we still have not solved this. The bedroom with the door closed has become our cat's home. When we leave the house for a few hours or have Patton in a crate, the bedroom door is open for the cat to explore. Under our bed has become the cat's safe place. We have tried positive reinforcement, collar and Leave, the scruff shake when he was still small, none of these has made a dent in his skull to leave the cat alone. If only she were boring! Then it would be easier I imagine.
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Yeah it is a great shame, I really don't want to be in a position whereby the cat can never prowl downstairs without having to keep them separated. I'm hoping it is just a puppy thing and as he gets older he won't be bothered by the cat.

I've been in many homes where cats and dogs get along, I just really hope this works because it feels unfair on the cat to suddenly shut off half of his home because of a new pet.

I know the dog is reacting because the cat swiped him and he sees it as a threat but still I was hoping it would go a bit smoother.

We let him out every few hours at night and he wees and goes straight back into the crate to sleep, which I feel we have done pretty well with. It is just the playing around during the day. Even with going out to the garden every 30 minutes, he still manage to do it. We were playing earlier for a good hour outside. I came in to get a drink and he decides to pee on the kitchen floor, despite having being outside for ages.
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