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arctic 08-18-2014 05:13 PM

When does your puppy ignore you when you say "COME"?
I practice recall with my dog a lot. I even enrolled in the Recallers course (which I am very very behind on).

My dog has ignored my "COME" on a few occasions. Once, when she did not want to come inside from the backyard after peeing. I was so pissed :p

And while she was running around playing with another dog -- although she did come after I yelled very loudly and got her attention -- but only for a brief moment before running off again to chase the other dog. Once she burnt off the crazy energy, she came readily, and even maintained a sit, and got rewarded with some treats.

RiverDan 08-18-2014 06:36 PM

My dogs have a decent recall. The only issue I have is when there are strange dogs around. They ignore me sometimes. Drives me crazy.

LuvShepherds 08-18-2014 06:53 PM

Don't use the word Come in a situation where your dog can ignore or bolt. Are you using treats? If not, what reward for coming to you? As I recall, you have a very young puppy. The recall takes time. I think your dog is too young. Start with sit and down first. When the dog is old enough, enroll in a good obedience class so you can learn how to train the recall without the dog running off or not responding. Once they learn they can ignore your command it's harder to train them not to.

SuperG 08-18-2014 07:38 PM

LuvShepherds makes a good point...with my current shepherd, I treated the recall and other commands a bit differently than with my previous 2 GSDs. My take on LuvShepherds post regarding the application I used to train the recall was...setting the pup up for success. The previous 2 shepherds as pups were subjected to recall commands when they most likely were too engrossed in the wonders of being a puppy and learning the world. This time, I choose opportune moments where the pup displayed a great likelihood that she would actually come to me if commanded..I only used the recall command when I knew it would successfully be completed. Too many recalls without success as a puppy makes for a bad foundation to build on, most likely you have trained the pup to come to you but with an option if it chooses not to....

Execution and consistency are crucial in the puppy stages, so expecting a pup to be as disciplined as an older dog is perhaps not practical. Pick your moments wisely and do not expect a young pup to execute a recall in a tough situation, hence don't waste your time unless you are fairly certain of the outcome. As the dog matures and you have built a history of successes regarding the recall then one can become more demanding on the dog.

All of this is of course my typical blather and opinion.


selzer 08-19-2014 12:22 AM

My dogs have great recall. I do not use the word COME in training or at home, without a line on the dog until they are 100% on lead with distractions.

There are other words you can use, like call the dog's name, Lugie!!!! Reach in your pocket, as for a treat when you get the attention. If that doesn't work, go out and catch your dog. But using the word COME or HERE when you cannot enforce it, teaches the dog that he can ignore you.

Recall is a life-skill. That is, if it is broken, your dog can die in some circumstances. It is something I don't want to screw up with. So training it is done in such a way that I am ALWAYS happy when the dog comes. I always praise, and if I am still treating, that too. Coming to me is better than running with other dogs or eating chopped liver. If you say COME, and then show your dog his mistake and start going off on him, then you are associating bad stuff with the word COME. Don't do that. Not giving your dog early opportunities to blow off this command, is teaching the dog that the command is not optional.

And don't repeat the command. Say it once, you can get his attention first. Heeeeerbieeeee, and when he looks, COME! Give him a chance to comply -- a few seconds, and if he isn't, help him (with the line you have on him). Usually, I do not drag the dog to me. I use the line to ensure he doesn't get further away, and then go to him and bring him to where I had been when I called, and then I praise. Good Come.

Another thing, I almost always couple COME, with SIT. For this I usually train a COME FRONT. Where I walk along with the dog at my side, and then back up three or four steps and call the dog to COMEFRONT, or FRONT. The dog turns and faces me then, and comes to the front of me and sits in front, and here is the important part, he has to sit close enough for me to touch his head and collar.

In obedience, the recall is done from 20 or 30 feet away, not on leash. You can signal or call, COME! or FRONT! And the dog needs to come to you and sit in front. When the judge tells you to finish your dog, you can signal or give a command for your dog to return to your side. The quick COMEFRONTS while walking translate into this from 20 - 30 feet away with no problem. Again, these are life skills.

Harry and Lola 08-19-2014 01:08 AM

Only use the word 'come' for situations where you require her to come immediately with her ending in a sit in front of you, as in obedience, make sure she is rewarded every single time with either an enthusiastic good girl or treat or other item of high value. For situations such as wanting her to come in side or in the car etc use other words like 'inside'. Keep the recall command 'come' for recall only. To ensure she is successful every single time, make sure she is rewarded when she obeys the command and never use the command to make her come to you for a reprimand.

Hector3 08-19-2014 03:11 AM

For the second situation, look up Premack Principle of dog training. Like when your dog comes and stays briefly, you want to reward quick and release her quickly so she can get back to what she enjoys. That way you teach that coming to you equals a win-win for her. She gets a treat AND she gets to keep playing with other dogs. If you think she ignored you and only came when you yelled, move closer to her before you tell her to come.

Also when using recall in highly rewarding and distracted situations, use her name first - as suggested above (this only applies if you've built enough value to her name) to see if she gives you any attention at all and go from there.

I'd suggest mark and reward immediately and not even worry about her sitting. You want to build a soild recall and reinforce the heck out of it, not the sit.

Examples of premack

LuvShepherds 08-19-2014 08:41 PM

Another suggestion is to always reach down and touch or grab your dog's collar when they come to you so if you have to grab them in an emergency they don't get startled and run off or back away.

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