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TEZPUR1976 08-18-2014 10:52 AM

I am thankful to all the members who have been so kind to offer their suggestion
on each and every message i have posted in various forum. Too many to thank each one of the kind souls, one by one. Once again I need suggestions.

I am almost getting nightmares with Duke's (my nearly 5 month old gsd pup) habit of scavenging from kitchen waste bucket and also trying to swallow every rotten stuff he may come across while training out doors.

He has learnt leave it command. In my presence, and with treats, he will behave like a well trained dog ready to participate in obedience trials. For instance he will leave immediately on command, and come for treat.

However the problem starts if i let him roam around a bit on his own. If i am out of sight (say another room) he will go to kitchen and attack the waste
bin or swallow some garbage. This is inspite of feeding him the best food i can afford.

This pains me deeply, as not only it looks so mean but also dangerous. A friend of mine had a doberman with great drives and no control over his greed.
The dog was poised to death by burglar. I fear same consequences given Dukes behavior.

All this positive reward based methods seems to be a game to him. Duke is so smart that as soon as he sees food in my hand he will perform every command in the book. But left alone, even briefly, he is a different dog altogether?

Is this a problem in his pedigree? His father is a very serious good guard dog.

Perhaps a bit too negative because of my frustration.

I look forward to your kind suggestions.

Best regards


Shade 08-18-2014 10:58 AM

I would either remove the garbage and put it behind a closed door or use a heavy duty bin and lid. While training is great, as you say he does it mainly when you are out of sight. Either removing or securing the garbage will keep him from accessing it when he's not in eye sight

Are you sure you're feeding him enough food? I knew two dogs (not GSD's) that were essentially starved by their families and these dogs would leap tables and counters because they were so hungry. In their case I really couldn't fault the dogs for their antics

Unforgiving 08-18-2014 05:32 PM

At 5 months old, whilst he might seem smart and performs for food, he is still a puppy. Will he perform if you start weening him off food treats and only give them some of the time?

It might be a case of keeping him by your side or eyes on him for a little longer. Take him by the bin, let him sniff and give it the leave it command until he knows?

TEZPUR1976 08-18-2014 10:31 PM

Thanks all,
Yes Duke gets 3 meals in the morning noon and night, and also generous amount of food inform of treats during the two training sessions in the morning and afternoon.
Apart from royal canin gsd junior, he gets fish and rice (fish bones removed), curd or butter milk and some times bananas mashed in curds. In fact he is looking quite heavy these days. I am sick so i am unable to take to long walks. I intend to do so as soon as I recover.

Any way, thanks for the advice. Look forward to hear more from you guys.

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