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Briflutterby 06-25-2014 11:49 AM

Puppy Depression?
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So recently my boyfriend and I dog sat my Uncle's 4 dogs. Of course, we brought our 10 month old GSD over as well, and she LOVED it! She had so much fun playing with them and running around. She ate when she was allowed to, played all day long and was so happy. However when our week at my Uncle's house was up and we came back to our home, she kind of moped around a bit; which is understandable considering she doesn't have anyone to play with anymore. But the thing that really concerned us was the fact that she isn't eating all that much anymore. She's a lot happier and more excited with everything, but when we leave food out for her for breakfast or dinner, she just sniffs it and walks away. Eventually she'll start nibbling at it, but she can leave a full bowl all day and just take small nibbles and that same bowl would be left over for the next day.
At first we thought it was because she didn't like the food, but it's been one of her favorite for a while now, and she's always rushed to eat it, even at my Uncle's house. It was just after we came back home that she wasn't feeling it anymore.
Any ideas to why that may be or how we can get her on a regular diet again?

Mary Beth 06-25-2014 09:16 PM

Try feeding her when you eat. Maybe she got used to eating in a group.

Nigel 06-25-2014 09:45 PM

Might try switching to a scheduled feeding vs buffet. Put the food down and give her 20 minutes or so. When the times up, remove it and wait until the next scheduled feeding time. Not sure what your feeding, but they can get bored with kibble, you might try using something on top like plain yogurt, cottage cheese, or canned dog food etc...

You can rotate kibbles within a certain brand to help if it is boredom, (some dogs can have sensitive stomachs even within the same brand so you could try mixing new and old slowly at first. We've used Natures Variety and switch occasionally between duck, turkey, and venison.

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