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Ollierpri 06-21-2014 01:50 AM

puppy pool
Hi everyone! Really need some help with a cute but very messy behavior. So our puppy...Ollie (10 wks)...uses his water bowl as a little pool. So he drinks a little water and then puts both his front paws in...tries to fit the rest of his body in a very small bowl and then tips the bowl over spilling the rest of the water onto the kitchen floor.

We tried to use the famous "no" but its kind of hard when he has already done the deed. We tried giving him less water...and we're out of ideas.

Please Help!

Pax8 06-21-2014 02:54 AM

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You could try either a bowl in a stand set like this:
Or you could try a no-tip bowl:

lalachka 06-21-2014 02:56 AM

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Do you have a crate? If so - these are the best. If yu clip them the right way then they can't be spilled

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Mister C 06-21-2014 09:32 AM

My pup does the exact same thing. We have been making progress using several different techniques.

First, we bought him new water dispensers. The main one in the kitchen has an inverted tank feeding a bowl. It's pretty heavy and difficult for him to knock over--not impossible mind you as he managed to flip it once.

A standard bowl, even the no tip variety posted above would not solve the problem for Linus. He would simply splash in it with his paws creating a big puddle that he happily laid in.

We tried the crate bucket clipped in very well too. Nope. He managed to flip the darn thing. When secured further he would rear up and splash it out with his paws and face. He was pretty determined to make a big mess with his water.

So we had to resort to a water tube feeder. Not sure what they are called but its a little tank that feeds a tube with a steel ball at the end of the tube. He has to lick the tube end for a drink. He can drink fine with it and it finally solved the issue while he is in his crate.

We also had to train him a bunch to leave his main water supply alone. We praise him for drinking normally but tell him no and Leave It! for splashing. If he keeps splashing then its a time out in his crate. There is no distracting him from this behavior.

We have also been practicing Leave It! quite a bit. It's the most useful command right now for keeping him out of trouble.

We also replaced the rubber mat under the bowl with an absorbent welcome mat. The rubber mat held the water and created a pool--much to Linus' delight.

Beyond the behaviour issue he also developed pyroderma from laying in water all the time. We finally have that issue cleared up.

Best of luck with your baby seal,


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