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Usmccasper 05-22-2014 10:25 PM

My Hyper pup!
Ok so i know that GSD require a lot of exercise or they become SUPER hyper! I take Jenna out for a 20-25 min walk in the mornings or ill play with the flirt pole for 20- 25 min depending on what i have to do at home. ill have 2 to 3 training sessions ( usually 2) during the day before meals to exercise her mind. And then before dinner ill take her on another 20 min walk/jog. But when we get the whole family together to watch a movie or tv or anything she goes nuts biting the kids and biting me running around the house this usually happens an hour or 2 after her last walk i know that she is a puppy and just wants to play but is there anything i can do to calm her down. the other day she was just relaxin on the sofa not biting not anything. is there something i can do to calm her down so we can ALL watch a movie or tv together?

SuperG 05-22-2014 11:36 PM

Them thar GSD pups sure are full of energy...aren't they?

I'm guilty ( during that time period ) of catering to the pup unfortunately...I caved in and would teach the dog a few manners while it interrupted my evening...after a small bit of compliance I would take the pup outside and reward her with some exercise...Bring her back in and try again...if she persisted I would quarantine her in her kennel for 20-40 minutes....bring her back in and try again....I believe during these times I put a huge emphasis on teaching her a down/stay...smartest thing I probably did at that "tender" moment.

I do believe I walked a fine during the transfer from unruly behavior to a "reward" of sorts as I never wanted it to be perceived by my pooch, if she was acting up like that...that she would get a fine reward like playtime outside...hence the short training session ( extended down/stay training ) in between the two. Maybe a good transition ...maybe I did not want training to look like a punishment....but I will shepherd does a mighty fine down/stay now.


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