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Emma&alfie 05-21-2014 04:00 AM

puppy behaviour! won't stop digging the carpet!!
Hi all! this is my first time posting so hope I am in the right place! :help:

I need advice, badly, I have a GSD puppy, he is about 10 weeks now, while he is very good with training ie he was house broken in a week or so and can do the basics like sit down stay etc... he has a massive issue about being put away!.

Basically, at night I put a gate over the exit to the kitchen and he sleeps there with all his toys and blankets etc, but recently he has started climbing the gate... now this is a TALL gate so how he does it I don't know! but once he is out he runs to the door and tries to dig his way out!

he does this in front of every closed door if he wants in, he scratches and digs and he has put two holes in the carpet already!

Its fine if I am there i tell him no, give him a toy and off he goes, but if im out, or its nighttime I come back to a new hole from his escape attempt!

I have tried telling him no, hitting his nose, time outs, ive been persistent in returning him to the kitchen and saying no and I even thought that he may just be uncomfortable in his 'den' so tried spending more time there, but nothing! once the door shuts he goes crazy to get out! I thought it was seperation anxiety at first but honestly I think its just attention now, but I cant ignore it because my landlord will kill me over theses carpets!

please help, any advice, or training tips welcome i'm at my wits end here with him, and I know he is only a puppy and i give him slack for that but I cant let this go on much longer or I am going to have some serious fines to pay.


Baillif 05-21-2014 06:55 AM

If you think your puppy is house broken at 10 weeks you've got a surprise incoming.

Buy a crate. Use that crate.

LoveEcho 05-21-2014 07:47 AM

Crate, and when he's not crated, keep him supervised 100% of the time. Tether him to you for a few days if need be. Your puppy has NO idea what "no" means, has no idea why you're hitting him, has no idea what being brought back to the kitchen means. He is a toddler right now. Yes, it's for attention, which is exactly what he's getting. Put him in a crate where he can't destroy anything or hurt himself.

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