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intothevoiddd 05-19-2014 10:28 PM

Pup probs
There are two things I am concerned about. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

First is that, my 8 week old puppy is eating rocks. Whenever he is outside and walking around, if sees one on the ground he will immediately start chewing on it/breaking them up in his mouth. Sometimes he swallow them, sometimes he spits them out. I have not noticed any rocks in his poop, but when I see him doing at it I tell him "Leave it" and if I can tell it is a big rock I will pry his mouth open and pull them out. Today I caught him with a bigger sized rock than usual in his mouth, and when I went to pry it out of his mouth he actually SWALLOWED IT WHOLE. It wasn't a big rock, but it definitely was bigger than a pebble. In my head I knew that was not going to be good for him, so I googled this and found out that it can cause serious problems with his intestines. He seems to be acting fine but I am freaking out!! Will he be ok? What do I do? I have a vet appointment for next week and I will DEFINITELY bring this up to her, but until then I will watch him like a hawk to avoid any more rock eating. He is never alone outside, but he is so quick to eat them he gets past me sometimes. What do I do?

The second issue is accidentally hurting him. There have been a few times where he is right under my feet and I accidentally step on a paw, or I don't see him behind me and whack him with elbow when I'm doing something. Earlier today he snuck up behind me when I was plugging in an air freshener and started biting me, it surprised me and I jumped and accidentally whacked him in the nose. He cried and started sneezing and I felt so terrible. I pet him and told him I was sorry, but I know he doesn't get it :(. I know these kind of things will happen sometimes, but how do I handle it? Whenever I do it I worry it will scar him.

I feel like a terrible mom who doesn't know how to do anything right! lol

njk 05-20-2014 05:02 AM

Not an expert here, but I experienced the same with my girl when she was younger. Our yard has large sections of small stones and while it was suggested that we put a temporary fence (like chicken wire) around or over the sections, we just decided to remain by our pup's side whenever she was outside. The fence probably would have made things easier as we were constantly putting our fingers in our pup's mouth to get stones out, and even then she would slip some past us as she would poop and there would be small stones in it. I too worried about obstructions in her intestines but thankfully we never had that issue, she managed to poop them out fine. So I'd say fencing (if the stones are in sections) or just constant vigilance. I'm sure your pup will learn or grow out of it like ours did. From what my Vet said, it's a common occurrence with pups!

sourdough44 05-20-2014 08:51 PM

I wouldn't worry excessively about the rocks. Our current dog chews on them, previous dogs did too. I would discourage it as able, give them plenty of safer chews.

Yes, our 6 month old is underfoot a lot. One has to really watch out. I just try to step carefully when she is around. I few light steps shouldn't cause injury.

BowWowMeow 05-20-2014 09:09 PM

Rocks can cause obstructions. I do know of several dogs for whom it caused problems. Keep her on a leash in the areas with rocks. Work on teaching her a "Leave it" command and give her a big reward (little piece of yummy food). "Drop it" is another command I teach very early with puppies. Comes in super handy when they are putting everything in their mouth!

Also, for the person whose dog is chewing on rocks: my first gsd, Massie, did that. At age 10 she had barely any teeth left in her mouth. I would strongly discourage that.

eddie1976E 05-20-2014 09:27 PM

We went through the same thing with our then 11 wk old puppy. I saw the rock, grabbed him to take it out of his mouth and he swallowed. The rock was about 3/4". I was worried enough to bring him to the nearest ER (mistake, that place sucks). We were there for 3 hrs before they did an xray. Showed the rock was in his stomach still. They said "lets wait and see" but we think he won't be able to pass it. Called my vet tech, and vet. They said feed 1/2 can of pumpkin immediately and for the next few meals. This will cushion the rock as it passes through. The next day I took him in for another xray and it had made it to the colon. They gave him a few enemas and he pooped it out. I still have it. Cost was about $500.

They said to keep him away from the rocks. Since then he has eaten another one that I know of, I did the same pumpkin thing and hoped for the best.

Apparently GSDs are know to be rock eaters and most grow out of it. Mine took less than 24hr to go through his system. But the vet said it could take up to 3 or 4 days.

Good luck with it. Let us know what happens. Keep an eye on the typical signs of obstructions.

gnet158 05-21-2014 01:51 PM

Our boy "tries" to eat rocks too, during walks. We are lucky enough to catch him and we take them out of his mouth and immediately distract him to get his mind off rocks. Keep doing it and he'll get the point.

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