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Radioflyer 05-07-2014 11:13 PM

Puppy after grooming behaves NICE??
Our 7 month old Shiloh Shepard "Kiyah" has been an interesting character in our house. She is being crate trained and does well in the crate, but usually when we let her out she will go through a 5 minute phase or running round like a "psycho-dog" before calming down to a general run-around state. Her behavior outside the house is completely different. She walks very well on leash and when in new environments is much less energetic, but as soon as she gets into the house she goes least she did...

Last Sunday we took her to a local feed store for her first grooming. I took her for a long walk before the car ride to help get her anxiety out and calm her mind. When we got her back home, she acted like a different dog. She is much more calm, likes to lay down next to us and the baby and just observe. She will follow people that get up and walk around and is just for lack of a better term "At Peace"

The behavior has lasted consistently to the time in which I write.

Is this sort of drastic change normal?

Freestep 05-08-2014 11:35 AM

Yes, my clients often remark that their dogs act like a "different dog" after they are groomed. I am not sure exactly why this is. Grooming gives a dog intensive human contact and the physical attention seems to fulfill something that they crave. I think they just feel better after a good bath and brush-out. If you've ever had a "spa day", you know the feeling. :)

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