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wolfy dog 04-15-2014 03:23 PM

Puncture wound by pup
This is a question to the professionals. Please, I am not looking for endless drama.
Here's the situation: DDog is 5 months old, confident medium drive male from working lines, going through Pano. Also have a 13 year old female Italian Greyhound. Pup is very possessive towards towards her regarding his water, toys, area and me. I am working on the NILIF, clicker training but also no-nonsense to curb his biting (which is working), exercise when possible regarding Pano and plenty of learning activities. I am mostly home with him. My goal for him is an active pet, assistant to my own training work and agility and obedience.
Yesterday though I cam home and both dog were at the door, wagging, ears flat, I stepped inside and DDog gave me one puncture wound in the inside of my leg. He spent the rest of the evening in his crate.
Worked with him this morning, doing well. Later in the morning I was tying my shoe, the old dog was standing there as well and DDog bit me on the head.
So this has gone too far. I consider myself a good pet dog trainer, never had this happen in all my life with no dog, have never been bitten by any dog, clients' or my own, until yesterday.
It seems to be happening when there is crowding in combination with his possessiveness/resource guarding. It is completely unacceptable and I need some objective input, nothing emotional, just honest advice. MY great concern is that he is so young.

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