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Slayers 04-14-2014 11:28 AM

peeing when scared
I have a 13 week old and she has been having odd accidents. :(

When taking her outside to do her business, she has to go down 3 steps to get to a landing then another step outside and she seems deathly afraid to go down them. But when I help her with the first step she goes down them just fine.

The real problem happens when I get my shoes on and tell her to come outside. When I go down the first 3 stairs calling her down, she sits at the top barking and jumps back like crazy. Then when I go up the stairs to get her she runs in the other room still barking and pees.

She is our first and I'm not sure what exactly it means and what I can do to help fix it. :confused:

Also, I have never hit her nor hit her with any shoes.

Advise would be helpful!

kay88 04-18-2014 03:44 PM

It's possible because she is nervous/excited about having to go down the stairs and the strong need to pee (since that's why you're going out) is proving to be a bad combination...and resulting in accidents.

Personally, I would work on getting her used to going down the stairs outside of "pee time" to see if that helps.

Just a thought anyway.

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