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JM_doggy 03-23-2014 09:03 PM

Little possessive aggression around vomit
Little Bella is sure turning out to be a delight! She's amusing us at every turn and is impressing us with her smarts and train ability!

She is doing great with bite inhibition, waiting to eat until told, doing a settle, and leaving our pant legs alone. We can see improvement daily!

One thing we have noticed and maybe it's nothing much to worry about... Maybe all dogs do this. Our other dogs have not vomited in the house, as they are mainly farm dogs and outside, so it could be an all dog thing.

Bella, doesn't vomit often, but one morning she did soon after eating (was in the first couple days of getting her) and I went to grab her to haul her outside and she became so fired up about me near her vomit. We kind of chocked it up to being nervous, new, and not trusting us yet. Vet agreed as she had her shots a day later. We are able to handle all treats, food, toys with NO issues.

Now, fast forward to today ( we have now had BElla for 8 days) she sounded like she was going to vomit, so hubby went to grab her and take her outside, she growled (no vomit present), but once he picked her up, she was fine again and quit her aggressive attitude. These are the only instances we have ever had with her being irritated toward us, so I am not too freaked out yet.

I'd love any feedback, opinions you all may have on this. Maybe even just the explanation behind it, if there is one, would be great.

Breeder, when I discussed this with her, just said to put her in a gentle settle, if possible if it happens.

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JM_doggy 03-23-2014 09:04 PM

I should add, Bella is only 9 weeks old, so really young yet and figuring things out!

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