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owens91 03-21-2014 11:02 AM

crating my pup
Hi guys, I have 2 concerns. Aries is 5 weeks old, I'm attempting to get her jump started on house training but lately she has been doing this thing where she cries and and yelps in her cage. I take her out to get some play time and she almost immediately pees somewhere. There is a pad in her crate so I don't know why she don't use that. What could I do abojt this? Also at night when everyone is trying to sleep she whines, cries, yelps, etc. I sleep next to her in the living room so this can help but she sleeps then randomly wakes up and starts all over again. How can I help this as well? Call comments and suggestions is appreciated

LoveEcho 03-21-2014 11:09 AM

Wait, 5 months or 5 weeks?

Anyways, pee pads are incredibly counterproductive.

Keep her crate close to the door- as soon as she comes out of the crate, she goes outside until she potties- however long it takes. When you bring her back inside, she still needs to go out every 20 mins or so.

As for the crying, many puppies do it...especially that young. My pup screamed for quite a while. Initially, you have to just let them cry it out- no attention, no scolding, no nothing. Covering the crate with towels so they can't see out often helps.

onyx'girl 03-21-2014 11:34 AM

I'd feed her in her crate...let her get use to it when she is in a 'tired' mode, but not overtired, and give her high value treats when you put her inside. Soon she will see the crate as her safe den.

I think many pups feel more secure in a plastic vari-kennel over the wire crates. I use a smaller one for the young pup kept in the bedroom right next to the bed...when pup outgrows it, then go to a larger one and then wire is more accepted, but I think wire can be dangerous in comparison to the plastic.

MaggieRoseLee 03-21-2014 11:39 AM

It's GREAT she's not using the pee pad in the crate. The entire point of crate training is they do NOT want to pee where they live!

If she's 5 months old, how many miles of exercise is she getting each week? Off leash is best.

Are you able to socialize by taking her on car rides for a few hours of visiting new people/places/things each week?

How are the puppy classes going? She do well in class?

You able to get a good start on --->

I know it helps me to review alot of training because I tend to rush and skip steps, causing a breakdown in the training. Have you gone thru this lately -->

Good luck!

Serbrider 03-21-2014 12:40 PM

According to her previous thread, pup is 5 WEEKS old, not 5 months.

In this case...

1. Good that she will pee away and not in her crate. You want the crate to be a "you hold it while you're here" place, not a bathroom. So that is GOOD.

2. Whining, crying, and yelping are all normal. Make a schedule though during the night to take her out to pee, a puppy this age can not be expected to hold it the entire night. But ONLY let her out when she is silent. Otherwise, a hot water bottle in a towel and a ticking clock could help... And earplugs for the human household.

3. Don't take her out and start playing. Her coming out of the crate means bathroom time. Take her out immediately and don't bring her back in until she pees/poos, and make a huge happy deal over it. Don't punish for mistakes indoors at this age (some would say any age), as she is just doing what she needs to do. Playtime is after pee time. ;)

4. Keeping the crate near you vs away is up to the individual. I had my pup's crate on my bed with me until she was sleeping through the night, and now she's in a larger crate on the floor, in my bedroom though bc that's the only place there's room and my older dog uses the crate as part of steps up to my/our bed.

5. Crate is a good place. Play with her in it. Give her a favorite toy in it. Feed her a few times in it, etc. You can dial back on this after a while, but at first, just promote how wonderful the crate is.

6. Don't worry. She's a baby. More a baby than people who bring home 8 or 10 week old puppies. Take it slow, make a pee schedule, and give her something to rely on. And she will make mistakes. But be proactive, and enjoy her. :)

BTW, did you ever take her to the vet? Not for shots, but a checkup and wormer and some advice from him/her is a great thing to go off of.

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owens91 03-21-2014 03:59 PM

I meant weeks sorry

MaggieRoseLee 03-21-2014 04:01 PM

Love and patience, she's a teeny baby. Heck most of us don't even get our pups until they are 7 weeks old so you are really dealing 'puppy' issues.

KaiserandStella 03-21-2014 04:10 PM

Probably is crying to be let out to go potty? Doesn't want to go in her space. The crying/whining/yelping + the not going on the pad + the immediately peeing out of the crate points to that conclusion. It's a good thing. She will be an easy candidate to house-train.

lcsparrow70 03-21-2014 08:19 PM

I have a 12 week old puppy that I crate. I crate her when we leave the house (no longer than three hours. I do work from home so she isn't in the crate all the time. It also helps that I have a doggy door all my dogs use during the day, and she is pretty much house trained due to our routine. When I first started at night, she would cry all night long for a few days. The past week she has consistently slept in the crate. She even goes in her crate voluntarily around the time I usually put her in the crate. I bought a drip waterer for her but I don't feed her in the crate. 1) Its not fair to feed her and then pen her up over night and she needs to go outside because I put food in there. 2) She needs the feeding routine as well and we don't feed at night. I feed her four to five hours before she goes to bed. She is fed on a schedule and eats plenty. She eats at 7am (1 1/2 cups each feeding - she doesn't eat it all but gets her fill), noon, and 6pm at the latest. I let her out around 8pm for her to go potty and then again at 10 just before I put her in for the night. She has had only one accident in the cage and did cry to be let out so it was my fault I did not recognize what she needed. I had been giving her things to chew on and eat at that time, and that is why I quit feeding her in the crate. Every time I put her in the cage she gets something to entertain her. At night, she gets a cow hoof and a toy. During the day, she gets a Kong with a treat in it because when I return she is let outside immediately to go to the bathroom. She sleeps in the crate from 10pm to 6:30am. In the beginning, she needed out at 1 or 2am (8 to 9 weeks of age) then she went until 4 or 5 (9 to 10 weeks of age), and now she goes until 6:30am (that's when everyone gets up). Once she went until 7 and I think she could have gone longer because when I came to open the cage, she just laid there wagging her tail sleepily. lol She knows her routine very well and even goes through the motions without being prompted. You have to be consistent and patient. The younger the less amount of time they can go without needing to go outside because their bladder and colon is little. As they age, they can go longer. She has quit crying at night for the past two weeks. Before that, she cried all night long for a few nights, then intermittently throughout the night, and finally stopped at 10 weeks. I would go up and check her when she would cry and make sure she didn't need to go out or water. However, I didn't go up right away to be sure it wasn't just wanting out of the crate. Once I am certain she is completely house trained, she will no longer closed up in her crate. The door will not be shut and she can come and go as she pleases just like my other dogs, but that is going to be awhile - i.e. past accidents in the house and puppy getting into things she shouldn't stages.

owens91 03-22-2014 03:09 PM

heres a small update guys so early this morning i took them both out around 640AM, i thought i saw Ares go pee but im not 100% sure because i dropped my keys. came in and ate at 7 and at 9 she pooped outside i was really happy so i praised her right away. took her to the vet and got her dewormed she goes back the 5th? or 7th for her first series of shots. then me and my gf played with them and i took them both out afterwards and she peed right away, starting to think she is getting the hang of this, she dont seem to be crying in the crate as much either when she is in there she sleeps, according to my gf sh cries a bit then sleeps when shes in there. but she is showing process it seems

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