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lcsparrow70 03-16-2014 04:29 PM

Never seen this before Puppy negotiator
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My GSD, Riley, is 11 weeks old. She has a unique behavior I have never seen before. Riley is my first GSD but not my first dog, not even my second or third. She has done two things that aren't an issue but quite interesting. 1) She has offered her cow hoof for trade (for lack of a better description) to my Standard Poodle. She will bring a hoof to her and then wait. When my Poodle takes the hoof she brought, she takes the hoof my Poodle had already. My Poodle is the mom of the pack. The Poodle is the one who watches over new puppies and makes sure they stay within the perimeter of the yard as well as disciplines them when they get too rough. 2) Riley is also bringing all her toys over to the Poodle's bed. I have no idea why. She doesn't try to take the bed from the Poodle nor do they ever fight over the bed. Now, Riley and my Cavalier are a different story. They argue (growl) over hooves, play in the yard, share food in the food bowl... basically they are buddies with a rivalry. Riley tries to play with the Poodle but the Poodle gets after her when she takes it too far so Riley takes cues from the Poodle more than she does with the Cavi. I have to watch the Cavi and Riley because Riley could hurt the Cavi eventually. She's already the same size as the Cavi. My basic question is why is she "trading" and leaving toys around the Poodle's bed?

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Cara Fusinato 03-16-2014 05:55 PM

Maybe offerings to the pack leader?

lcsparrow70 03-16-2014 07:54 PM

I thought maybe that could be what she's doing. Teak, the Poodle, is not what some would consider to be a dominant/alpha type but she does seem to be the one that leads the other two when they are out wondering in the yard. She's not aggressive in any way nor is she an outgoing creature when it comes to strangers. It's just interesting how she's gained her position. She is quite intelligent so perhaps the other two see her as a security and guide. If someone else observed each dog, they would assume the GSD is the dominant one, but she's just more outgoing and inquisitive. Teak often gets her away from some areas in the yard such as down by the creek or the woods. Teak sees those as boundaries even though the yard is fenced. There are coyotes that wonder in our area so perhaps Teak realizes the woods may be a hazard. She also refers to me when I am around so Teak does acknowledge me as the leader as well as the other two. I have seen the arguments about dominance and how dogs do not behave in that way. All that being said, they are a pack animal so a pack has to have an organized structure, and it does become more evident when you have more than one or two dogs.

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Sri 03-16-2014 08:31 PM

How interesting! Love your dogs though, the poodle seems to have a stabilising role to the other two.

Reminds me that our GSD when he was a puppy, and was raised around numerous dogs where he was born, did seem to make peace offerings to the dogs in our neighborhood the first couple of weeks after we got him. He would run in to get his bone, chew toy when he saw a dog and run back to them and drop it near them. A very short phase as most of these dogs turned out to be not so friendly, even towards a puppy.

lcsparrow70 03-18-2014 09:51 AM

She's stopped to some extent as well, and now they are playing! Yesterday evening, they were playing in the yard. She and the Cavi had a love/hate relationship at first, and now I find them getting into things together and roaming around. My Poodle is the "mom" of the group so she may be teaching Riley the "ropes", and Riley is trying to please her. Teak did the same with the Cavi when she was introduced. However, when I saw them playing, I knew Teak had started accepting her into our little group. She still disciplines Riley but it is getting less frequent. Teak is also arthritic so I think Riley is learning to read when Teak is up to play time, and Teak is simply saying, "Not right now. I don't feel well." She is more cranky in the mornings, and Riley is up for play time - their clocks don't mesh. lol

Blanketback 03-18-2014 10:01 AM

I think the 'trading' is being done because in the world of dogs, the best one of anything (toy, bone, chew) is always the one that other dog has, lol. So the trading is a very mannerly way of getting the good one. Unlike my little monkey, who will have a terrific knuckle bone but knows that DH's dog's bone is far superior - so he'll run to the fence with a phony bark, glancing back to see if he's gotten her attention yet, and as soon as she falls for this fake alert, he races over to steal her bone. He's sneaky that way, but his barks are so atypical whenever he does this that I really have to wonder how she manages to fall for it every time, lol.

SummerGSDLover 03-18-2014 01:57 PM

I agree ^. My GSD brings my older lab girl his bones so he can distract her and steal something else from her. Lol.


lcsparrow70 03-21-2014 03:00 PM

What's funny, too is that she won't even think of trading with the Cavalier. The Cavi will not share. She will take both! lol However, she and the Cavi are thick as thieves lately. They've been playing tug of war, wondering out in the woods together, and have investigated the cat's area thoroughly. Their relationship did not start out that way, but now they are huge buddies.

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