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SARpup 03-13-2014 01:31 PM

Puppy only wants to play inside!
So Darius has been with us for 2 weeks now and IMO he is a lucky puppy! He came from being chained up outside on the cement to being an indoor with the family puppy. He stole all the cats toys after about the 4th day, gets fed 3 times a day, sleeps in a crate by my bed, goes on walks, goes to play, and will be starting OB class tomorrow.
I have been working outside the last few days trying to get the yard in a nice shape. I need to cut out these giant tree weeds and pull out some other dumb plants and get the whole place ready for grass and proper landscape. I have had Darius outside with me because that is where I am. It is not too hot or too cold, he has access to water out there and I bring a bunch of toys. He doesn't want to play when we are outside! I had him out this morning when I wasn't working just brought him out to potty so I tried to play with him, tried throwing his toys for him, he halfheartedly chases them but wont really play. then when I cam inside he wanted to plaaaaay!
How do I get him to want to play outside where there is more room to run?

Eiros 03-13-2014 01:44 PM

Glad to hear Darius is doing okay. My pup also quickly gets bored and will wander around outside rather than chase toys. Inside he's crazy for them! Outside though, he's much more interested in sticks and sniffs. He does love chase though! I chase him, he chases me... he loves it. We honestly dont play much outside though, because he's just not that interested. We get exercise on hikes more.

I'm not much help, mostly happy to hear how well Darius is doing. I just love him and I'm so happy he's doing well!

SARpup 03-13-2014 02:07 PM

Ha thanks Eiros! I am doing the best I can for him! He is on pineapple right now because he likes eating poo GROSS! It seems to be working plus I pick it up as fast as I can and that helps, he has not started scouting the yard for cat poo! GRRR!! He seems to be gaining weight, I know he gained 2 pounds the first week and I am slowly growing him! I want to feed raw but right now it is just not going to work out for us. I have him on the Costco food, Natures Domain beef and sweet potato. He went to the vet and got wormed last week and so I don't see worms in his poo anymore! He will go back for another set of shots tomorrow. Still have to get the microchip and thinking I will take him to the animal shelter for that since it is only $20 as opposed to the $45 the vet wants!
He doesn't like to be brushed but I do it anyway! I will be taking him next week to the grooming shop, not sure if I will have them groom him so he gets the experience and the socialization or if I will do it since the front part is self serve.
I will be taking his picture after his bath to send in for his AKC PAL number so he can be registered with them and be able to get titled in OB and agility and stuff.
He still hasn't learned to leave the cats alone! He gets smacked every now and then and has learned to sort of keep his distance but he still barks and wants to play!
Well I have hijacked my own thread but thought you would be interested in a little better update!
Thanks for keeping up on him!

Eiros 03-13-2014 02:19 PM

Post the pic for us Darius fans too! Hahaha.

My last pup was a poo eater, so I feel your pain!!

Glad to hear he is doing well, I think he's going to be a great boy. :wub:

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