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Ozzys_mom 03-12-2014 09:00 PM

selective separation anxiety and peeing in the crate
Hi all, to say I am at my wits end with my new boy would be an understatement. As a little background Ozzy is a 5 mos old pure shep, he was on craigslist and his face stole my heart. We went tobsee him and he ran over, sat by my side and dropped his bone at my feet, it was all over. Well fast forward some and I still love my boy but he has a bevy of bad habits, one of which is seriously plaguing us... he pees in his crate. He's been to the vet and no UTI or bladder infection, clean bill of health. He will go in his crate on his own and with the door unlocked he is fine, in the house when loose, no accidents. As soon as he is crated and I am out of his line of sight, he pees. I cannot take a 10 minute shower without coming out to the fragrance of pee. Initially I thought straight separation anxiety as he barks continuously as well, however if the hubby or kids are in the room he will still do it, its me... I have to be in his line of view. The sound of my voice matters none, he has to see me. People have suggested he have free run, however he chews, counter surfs and gets into any garbage he can find... I tried taking him in the bathroom when I shower however I cannot tell you how fun showeting with a 60lb shepherd in a stand up shower is. Its really starting to take its toll.. I hate having to go anywhere because I know I will come home to a crate of pee. Even worse he gets so excited when he sees me he jumps on the crate door and sprays me in pee. Ugh. I'm not sure what to do, people have suggested board and train and I am considering it however want to know if that would aggravate the situation.

gurlonfire2004 03-12-2014 10:21 PM

Have you cleaned the crate with an enzyme cleaner so that he doesn't smell the traces of urine? The only suggestion that I have is to crate him, walk back several steps, then go open the crate and take him outside to potty. Work up to walking out the door and coming back immediately. And really praise him for pottying outside.

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