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emermc 03-05-2014 03:30 PM

16week old growling at kid
I'm not sure whether to be worried or not. We have a friend's child visiting, he is 9 and our 16 week old gsd was sleeping on the floor & the kid went over & started rubbing her. She growled a low growl at him but he kept rubbing her. She growled again & I said 'no stop that'. He kept rubbing her. By then I should have stopped him but I was on the phone. Then she growled again & went to nip him but he pulled away in time.

Now we have 3 children ourselves & this hasn't happened to them. I know she was giving him a warning that he ignored but was she out of line? I'm starting puppy training classes with her on saturday too.

Thanks for any feedback.

glowingtoadfly 03-05-2014 03:32 PM

She is just a baby. I think the kid was out of line!

emermc 03-05-2014 03:54 PM

Yes, I kind of agree.

Jax08 03-05-2014 04:02 PM

A 16 week old? that worries me. I agree the kid should have stopped and the puppy gave warning. BUT for a 16 week old puppy to growl and nip like that, I would wonder if it had a screw loose.

sehrgutcsg 03-05-2014 04:06 PM

Our 10 week old GSD today let out a growl to my wife as she tried to place the pup in the crate. She is now under very careful watch, after I took over, as the pack leader, put her inside and I await this to be corrected as soon as it start's, this time not by my doing.. ;)

Nip it in the paw ! :apple: :apple:

glowingtoadfly 03-05-2014 04:07 PM

Nicole Wilde has a great blog about growling.

Jax08 03-05-2014 04:10 PM

Emily - do you have the link to that?

glowingtoadfly 03-05-2014 04:12 PM

Many puppies are sensitive about being handled. A good way to nip it in the paw is to feed her treats while handling her every day. My girl has some retained hand shyness, and we wonder if this was done with her as a baby :)

glowingtoadfly 03-05-2014 04:13 PM

Jax08 03-05-2014 04:16 PM

I've read that before.

I think there is a difference between a puppy growling and an adult dog growling. I just don't think it's normal, or desirable, in a puppy that young unless the kid was being really rough with her/him.

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