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Beauxwolf 02-07-2014 10:21 PM

A controlling pushy pup named "DISASTER!"
Ohhhhhh boy. Can I pull my hair out...PUH-LEEEAAASSSEEEE?! This boy...this little tornado in a snicker sized compact fur driving me crazy. As you could tell I am totally new to this site AND this is my first dog AND he's my first Shepherd. He was a stray that no one wanted, then middle-middle-middle he grew up from a cute playful puppy to a pushy dominant leash pulling disaster. In a nut shell...I have no idea what the **** I'm doing.

1.) I go where I want, & when I want.

Yep. On my carpet. On the tile. In the front room. Kitchen. Bathroom. That one patch of grass he just has to keep obsessively sniffing for minutes at a time. This little frack will go EVERYWHERE but his own crate. Oh no, but if he goes in the crate it's in a nice little puddle and pile. What get's me so pissed is that I take this dog outside EVERY OTHER HOUR. Literally. He got so good at alerting me, then all of a sudden...he just stopped and started going inside whenever he felt like it. Then to top it off when I take him outside...this butthead does not go...he will sniff and pull and sniff and pull but never go, and then when we come back inside, he whines and whines and whines to go back out. When I don't let him. BOOM. There goes my floor. I tried crating him...he has learned to hike his leg so the urine goes outside of his room. Awesome, right?

2.) Thou shall not focus.

Focus? Never heard of the word. Does my dog have ADHD? Because I'm pretty sure my dog has ADHD. When I ask him to do something, not only does he not do it the first time (I keep having to repeat myself) but he will put in a 'buffer movement' where if you tell him to do something, he will stretch, scratch, moan, yawn, spin, dart his eyes, or just plain ignore you until you have to physically make him do it. Now his new trick is pretending to be afraid or hurt to get out of doing something. I never knew a dog capable of giving the water works…but I might as well just nominate this boy for an Oscar.

3.) Why Walk When I Can Pull?

Right? Well apparently he thinks so. I really hate using the gentle face leader or prong collar on him. I can tell it's uncomfortable or just a plain undesirable feeling for him to wear and I would much like to just click his chain on his collar and walk breezily side by a dream...where that only exists.


Talk about Captain Pushy. He uses his body and his voice to get what he wants. Even if he’s not invited…which is 100 % of the time. He expects to go outside when I go outside. Go left, forward, right, or by that neat smelling trash can. He expects to go for a car ride, to hop in whatever seat he chooses, and whine whenever the window isn't down. He expects to sniff that thing on the counter. He expects to eat it and has. He expects to be pet. He expects to be looked at. He expects to sleep on my bed. But when can I expect a rent check? Because this madness is getting old.

5.) Watch your mouth mister!!!

So now when I correct him or snap/pull back on his leash, he gives me a little 'alligator chatter' with his teeth or blunt nudge with his nose. He's even started picking up nibbling at me or throwing his body all over the place instead of having to listen. It's like a game to him. And the more I try to take control, the more he challenges me.

6.) You can't tell me what to you, you're a GIRL!

My neighbor thinks that because I'm a sweet naive nurturing caring loving cooing down to earth mother like girl that those are the very reasons why my dog won't listen to me. He says that my dog knows what he can and cannot get away with, and if I allow it when I try and put my foot down it will only get worse. Well. Is that true? Because in nature I am that type of person who loves to please everyone...but I am quite tired of it and I refuse to take it any longer from my dog.

What do I do?

How do I tell this 1 1/2 year old puppy I mean business?
Are there any good previous posts that relate to this subject I could read?

Msmaria 02-07-2014 10:34 PM

Research NILIF. Nothing in life is free. Just because your a girl, thats sweet doesnt mean he cant learn to listen to you. Lol. Good luck. You will get it, it takes time to get back control, but theres lots of support here.

Twyla 02-07-2014 11:23 PM

Mind Games (version 1.0) by M. Shirley Chong

At 1 1/2 yr old and was potty trained and suddenly decided it is ok to go inside, just to be sure, I would do a vet check for UTI.

A good trainer. Since this boy seems to be getting ahead of you, I would even say private classes for a bit simply because he is challenging you.

Xena9012 02-08-2014 12:08 AM

Research, Research, Research. This is the best thing to do. Go on the internet; read books, trust me, you are not the first one to have a problem dog! If you need that much help get a trainer in to help you. Some Advice:

1) Don't let him go inside! If he is giving signs that he needs to go, take him outside and don't go back in until he has done his business, even if you have to wait a while.

2) Find his weakness. Whether it is yummy treats, meatballs or just a toy use it to your advantage to get him to focus.

3) Don't worry, lots of dogs will not heel. As I said before use something that will help to train him stay by your side. Also, if he starts to pull just stop. Don't keep walking and encouraging him that it's a good idea.

4) Enforce some rules. Don't get angry if he jumps up to sniff something. How does he know what is right or wrong if he has never been told. Find out a way to punish him. It may be talking in a deep voice but never hit your dog.

Hope I helped!

doggiedad 02-08-2014 01:07 AM

find a trainer. the trainer will teach you how to train.

David Winners 02-08-2014 02:31 AM

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The first thing you should do is take the same amount of time you spent writing that post and write a list of things that you want him to do. It's far easier to replace a behavior with something you want than to just try and stop everything.

It sounds like you haven't been consistent with training. Dogs aren't born knowing the rules. Instead of looking at it like it's you against the dog, think of it as a partnership. Your side of the deal is to show the dog what you expect in a way they can understand. If you do that, you will have the most loyal and joyful friend you could ask for.

I suggest you find a trainer to help explain how to do this. That's the easiest way for you to learn. Short of hiring a professional, you will need to get some books or videos and start learning.

You can do it. It will just take some effort on your part. It's all worth it in the end!

David Winners

middleofnowhere 02-08-2014 04:10 AM

Not having read all the responses but:

"he whines and whines and whines to go back out. When I don't let him. BOOM. There goes my floor. " Listen to your dog! Please listen to your dog! You can only be angry with yourself if you don't listen to your dog. And when he does go outside - have a party! Name the "action" praise & reward your dog. Try to keep your composure when he dumps inside. Some dogs (my present pup among them) are slower than others.

{personal note here: I have a pup right now, I need to follow my own advise. - personal note #2: I recently ignored my 4 yo and insisted she just go in the spare room and chill. I think she let go a gallon in there. My fault. She told me. I ignored it and told her to chill. I'm just glad I don't have carpets! And that I am not any stupider.}

Focus: My 4 yo came with focus. No training necessary. Just reinforcing. My pup - focus has to be trained. But for somethings (she's very food motivated) focus training is pretty easy. Hold kibble in hand, ask for a sit, ask for a "look" and only reward when I get the "look".

Snapping on the leash isn't working --- OK so stop snapping on the leash. Just be a post when he's going on a charge. Do not move until he slacks on the leash. Your walk will take a long time and not go very far but it will get easier.

My dogs respond better to a calm quiet command. Maybe yours will too. (Let your neighbor train his own dog, not yours. - But maybe you do want to try a different tone.)

mcdanfam 02-08-2014 04:33 AM

A controlling pushy pup named "DISASTER!"
Agree with the others that say trainer!!! It sounds like you need a trainer that knows working dogs! We learned, not all trainers are equal! For the last 8 months we drive an hour to and from a trainer that owns, and works his shepherds....he knows the breed, he is amazing and makes sure we understand all the details of training! He has been so helpful and guided us though different phases with our dogs!

I am not a breeder or trainer, just know from our time with them...but if it were me...I would make sure nothing is going on medically for the potty issue...ours have never used the house or kennel for potty....if all is clear....I would start kennel training over, we have a bell that our puppy's have worked from 9 weeks alert for potty breaks...when they were babies, we would take then straight from kennel, ring outside. They were not allowed to play or focus on anything until they were back inside....after 15-30 mins of play....we would put them back in their kennel and repeat this every 3 hours...don't know if this is the correct way, but we have never had an accident in over a year with either puppy.

I would also ZERO treats, toys, affection or food without having him do a trick or command...ours are great with people, easy dogs to be around, great on lead and have obedience down...but they still work for everything they get....that was a suggestion from the trainer. He said if they have to work for stuff it keeps them happier and better behaved...As wonderful as our dogs seems to be the right call.

Good luck!!!

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NancyJ 02-08-2014 05:54 AM

If you give a general idea (such as city/state) where you live members may be able to help you find a good trainer.

I have often found trainers geared to the pet community may/may not be good with dealing with an out of control GSD. It is hard to get the right blend of training without overdoing the correction or not doing it at all. Flip side, it is not fair to correct a problem unless a dog understands why he is being corrected and sometimes YOU may think the dog understands, but he really doesn't.

mcdanfam 02-08-2014 06:04 AM

A controlling pushy pup named "DISASTER!"

Originally Posted by jocoyn (Post 4987386)
If you give a general idea (such as city/state) where you live members may be able to help you find a good trainer.

I have often found trainers geared to the pet community may/may not be good with dealing with an out of control GSD. It is hard to get the right blend of training without overdoing the correction or not doing it at all. Flip side, it is not fair to correct a problem unless a dog understands why he is being corrected and sometimes YOU may think the dog understands, but he really doesn't.

This is EXACTLY what we learned form our time with community trainers verses the working dog trainer. The first one we went to....was very biased and kept referring to them as bully breeds...they were 3 months old. She over corrected and justified it with they are aggressive, hardheaded dogs. You have to be hard with them. Needless to say we lost $400 because when she used that phrase I picked my puppy's up and our family left! You don't have to be hard for then to learn. Our second trainer had a shepherd and was able to teach us how to teach commands and tricks. But she noticed they were bored and put them in advanced class at 4 1/2 months they were will all of the older dogs. She said they had good work drive and wanted to please so they were being moved to get more for our money. We found the working dog trainer when they were 5 months old and switched because he focused on challenging working breeds. The second trainer was supportive saying the advanced puppy was as far as their place took dogs. The newer trainer said you have to be super careful about correcting until you know they have mastered the command. If do know not know they have mastered the command, you are not being fair or just and the dog will not be as willing to please.

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