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Anttik 01-16-2014 10:01 AM

Landshark mode or creiziii
So all i want to know is that my puppy doesnt yet seem to understand bite inhibition, and is quite rough with me and my girlfriend. He is 10weeks old now and is a nice dog except when he goes in to this agressive play mode. He bites real hard even when not playing. Sorry if this is bit incoherent im quite tiredt atm :) heres a pic of my hand after todays "play"

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Mishka&Milo 01-16-2014 11:43 AM

My 10 week old would do this if I let her... My legs are dead from bites during walks. Not playing rough with her has helped. Also saying "ouch" and putting her out of the room for 30 seconds has helped. We got our puppy at about 5 weeks old, so she never learned not to be so rough from her mom and siblings. Also when she gets too rough I just stop playing. It's hard because she's so cute, but she won't always be that small. How old was yours when you got him?

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Sp00ks 01-16-2014 11:56 AM

Heh, looks like my hand.

Mine is 10 weeks today. "No Biting" and then very similar to what Mishka&Milo describes.

Wild Wolf 01-16-2014 12:00 PM

Do you know a well socialized, stable, dog friendly adult dog that can "socialize" with the puppy and help teach bite inhibition?

Msmaria 01-16-2014 12:16 PM

Oh boy, do I remember those days. Luckily it stopped around 6 months old or so. My arms and hands have healed pretty well. Still have a few scars. It will stop eventually, just keep reminding yourself it seems to be a pretty common thing with german shepherds..hence the name land sharks. Teach him the words off and gentle. Worked great with mine when he would get really rough and use a tug toy to redirect.

Neko 01-16-2014 12:19 PM

I have a folder of my puppy injurys!!! Some pictures look worse than that as my shark bit throe my finger. Keep on redirecting and have a toy with you at all times to defend yourself and shove it in the pups mouth! good luck! it gets better.

DJEtzel 01-16-2014 12:20 PM

Question - are you playing with him with your hands?

I never do this with puppies. When we are engaged, it is with a TOY - a suitable alternative to my hands. Lots of tug, chase, etc. and if he accidentally redirects to my hand, it's a "Yipe" and everything stops for a few minutes. Try again, if it happens, we stop again. Three times and he goes in his crate for a 15 minute break/nap.

Anttik 01-16-2014 03:14 PM

Thanks for your replies, made me feel not so scared of his future :) I am in the process of teaching him to be gentle with hands and most of the time he is, licking and just holding my hand and falling asleep. I also have taught her a stop biting command that he is beginning to understand. I just had this fear of him being somehow too agressive or something :) I also am socialicing him with other dog, unfortunately mostly with adults. He was 7 weeks old when i got him so a bit too young. (Here in finland the age is considered 8 weeks)

Neko 01-16-2014 03:46 PM

Keep working with the pup, it takes time.

Now he is a sweet marshmallow and cuddles. also tired puppy is a happy puppy. maybe a flirt pole that can keep him away from you hands.

KathrynApril 01-16-2014 04:26 PM

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My hands looked like that too. He is getting much better at four months. I think he is losing his puppy teeth too though. My worst scar from him wasn't so much a bite as me going down to the floor at the same time he jumped up. I have a permanent scar but Im not a girly girl and I can cover it up some.....

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