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ttrelfa3 01-13-2014 01:36 PM

Barking at people and dogs
My 5.5month old Male is barking his head off at people and dogs he dosnt know. He has been socialized quite a bit and cant figure out why he does. If I get the stranger to actually come up to us while passing (most people seem scared of a solid black GSD barking and dont) he gets excited and is good with them. Its just seeing them he goes nuts. I just want to make sure this isnt fear barking and just normal pup stuff.


jar15sp1 01-21-2014 11:16 PM

I have a six month old female that does the exact same thing. She is also solid black and is from working lines. I find it rather embarrassing when my GSD barks loudly, lunges towards other dogs and acts like she wants to rip them apart while on walks. :eek: I would appreciate any advice from other GSD owners who had success dealing with this type of situation. :help:

Harry and Lola 01-22-2014 05:03 AM

Some GSD are real talkers and barking is perfectly normal form of communication and outlet for them (is just annoying to us humans). Start taking notes of his barks such as the tone, how rapid the barks are, how deep, where were you, what was happening, who was there etc and you should be able to eventually work out whether his barks are based on fear, excitement, guarding, playing, boredom etc.

Also, with other dogs, watch the other dog - what is his reaction, if the other dog is getting excited then your dogs bark is excitement, if the other dog is becoming fearful or aggressive then your dogs bark is aggressive.

MadLab 01-22-2014 09:47 AM

How much experience have you walking a dog on a leash?

You have top get creative and teach the dog to walk on a leash.

Change your walking speed, faster and slower. Turn go back the way you came. Turn again. Cross the road. Start jogging. Slow down. Ask dog to sit. Take 3 steps forward. Ask dog to sit again. Turn walk. Slow down to snail speed. Stop. Ask dog to sit. Speed up. Jog. Walk. Turn.

Basically make a walk a challenge for the dog. Add treats and praise when the dog is doing as you like to make it more fun for him.

Many peoples walk is walk along at steady speed and expect a lively puppy to accept this as the way to go. They'd rather be pulling out front, Barking at anything that moves.

HarleyTheGSD 01-22-2014 02:05 PM

Try to bring toys or treats (whichever one your dog is driven by). Make what you have more interesting than people and dogs.

mcdanfam 01-22-2014 03:18 PM

Ours get really excited when they see the field and school playground where we take them to run and play....

Miles and Millie both bark...loud, fast! It is excitement bark for sure....!

How do you get them to stop? I can say shhhbhh....Millie will mumble and whine...miles barks at the same level all the time...just faster or slower. He loves to hear himself. I would love to know how to prevent them from getting so excited at and being so loud.....once they are playing it is fine....but the walk there....loud....:-)

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boomer11 01-22-2014 06:57 PM

my theory is if my kid was yelling and throwing a fit at the grocery store because he wants a candy bar there is absolutely no way in **** i would buy it for him. if my dog is barking and whining and pulling to get to the playground/dog park/anywhere then there is no way in **** i am letting him go. if your dog acts like a brat and you allow hiim to go to the playground then why would he be calm? he already gets what he wants for being a brat.

i remember when my dog started pulling when we got out of the car at the dog park. he would go deaf to all my commands and just pull like crazy. we sat outside that dog park for literally an hour while he was barking and whining. dog needs to learn calm = getting what i want. being a brat = i'm not moving even an inch closer to what i want.

with the leash reactivity issue i'd get a trainer. being reactive like that can come from fear or excitement. you dont want to punish a fearful dog. a good trainer can read your dog and tell you what to do. it is embarrassing with a dog lunging and barking. it doesnt help the stereotype of german shepherds being aggressive either.

rjstrotz 01-22-2014 07:20 PM

"Puppy" Thing
I'm no expert, but it just seems like a transitional puppy thing that he will likely grow out of when you let him know that this behavior displeases you. If my dogs (adults) bark when it is not appropriate
I say the word 'QUIET' loud enough for them to hear me and I hold my index finger to my lips as a hand signal for QUIET.

They have learned to understand what that means and they settle down.

I like my dogs to bark... they are doing their job in telling me
that something is happening or that someone or something has entered onto our property. So, I allow them to TALK; it is only the non-stop excessive TALKING that I put a stop to.

Tim&Marth 01-24-2014 05:00 PM

Olivia has the same problem. Solid black, working lines. If she so much as senses another dog that she isn't friendly with, she barks her head off. And I mean deep chested, BARKS. We've tried almost everything at this point. You can even say quiet when she has her fits - I'd need a loud speaker.

gsdsar 01-24-2014 05:10 PM

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I find this a common happenstance in this breed at this age. In fact I warn all new GSD owners about it. All of my dogs did it. They all grew out if it. I never made a big deal of it, I would change direction, get their attention back and move on. No big corrections. Just "move on buddy" attitude. If you make a big deal, they will think it's a big deal.

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