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DMac88 01-02-2014 08:37 AM

Can't walk my dog with partners dog
We have a 7m/o female german shepherd (Willow) and a 9m/o maltese x shih tzu (Ollie). Willow walks on a loose lead when walking with my partner and I, but if my partner brings Ollie along she pulls, zig zags, keeps looking back for Ollie if I walk ahead etc. If I stop and my partner walks off ahead with Ollie, Willow will go ballistic, crying, jumping, trying to get out of her harness etc. If my partner and I separate and go different routes Willow goes ballistic again and seems anxious and cries for a while after separating and then goes back to normal loose lead walking after a couple of minutes.

We're not sure where to start, she is impossible to correct and praise when walking with Ollie. Please help?

A couple of other things:
- Ollie and Willow live together and they are very playful with each other
- If I stay at home and me or my partner takes Ollie for a walk, Willow will cry and be anxious at the front door
- If me or my partner take Ollie outside out of sight holding him in our arms she doesn't seem to get bothered.
- If we walk around in the back yard on lead with the dogs she doesn't walk well but she's no where near as bad when outside

MaggieRoseLee 01-02-2014 11:55 AM

Such an easy fix!

You need to just take both pups to a great dog class! That way they will learn to listen to you and you will learn the proper way to teach them to walk together well on leash, in ANY situation! Probably more fun to both take the same class together but maybe would learn more in different classes.

The problem is that YOU aren't in the picture as far as being a leader and your dog caring about what you are doing at the other end of the leash. Classes will put you back into the picture so your dog will take the guidance that is needed and not be blowing you off.

One of the many many many many reasons it's NOT recommended to get 2 pups at the same age/same time is because of exactly what's happening to you! Need to take the extra time and do the extra work to bond the dogs to the humans rather then letting the dogs bond more to each other.

Read this for some more tips --->


David Taggart 01-02-2014 12:47 PM

What drives your dog is called "a sense of the pack unity", her instinct is telling her that the pack should be together. She, probably, takes Ollie for one of her siblings in her litter.

cries for a while after separating and then goes back to normal loose lead walking after a couple of minutes.
That is good for the start. Do it more often and try to engage your dog only she stopped whining. Turn back with her for some distance, then catch up with your partner with his dog, and repeat this exercise several times during your walk. Train her to leave the pack - ask your partner to remain at the door with his dog for 15 min when you just went out, walk with Willow away some distance, play ball with her on the way (try to drrive her attention to yourself as much as you can), and return to walk together. Also train her patience, but without her friend. Tether her to a tree for the start, ask her to sit and walk away some short distance. Come back to her every time she gets up asking her to keep sitting. Walk circles around her, make the distance greater with time. Finally she should be able to keep in the sitting position off leash. My Lucy's best record - 1 hour 12 min.

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