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12-22-2013 11:32 AM

My GSD bullies my other dog
I have a almost 7 month GSD and a 13 year old chihuahua. They use to get along quite nicely when my puppy was younger, but now my puupy always wants to jump on him or he tries to bite my chihuahuas back. They cant even be in the yard together anymore. Ive tried distracting my puppy by playing fetch with him to distract him from my chihuahua being in the yard and it will work for a while, but sometimes when he brings the ball back he'll see my chihuahua and run at full speed to try and jump over him/on him. Is there a way to teach him to get along with my old dog? Advice please.

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Galathiel 12-22-2013 04:15 PM

Your dog shouldn't be around your senior dog unless you have a way to prevent him from potentially injuring the dog. A Chihuahua is much too fragile. IF you let them out together your need to keep your pup on a long line. I frankly, would not have them outside together. If you supervise their interactions, then perhaps when your pup has matured (two-ish) they can be back together again.

Blanketback 12-22-2013 07:03 PM

You're doing the right thing by distracting your puppy. I had to do the same thing to keep my puppy away from my DH's dog, because she's getting older and has some hip issues. He could easily knock her down on a bad day, so I didn't want them playing like that. I made sure that I was his source of fun - not her. He also knows "leave it" which helps. She hardly ever runs with him, so it wasn't very difficult to teach him to leave her alone. It's a challenge when they just want to play and they'll chomp on the other dogs' necks to get them going, lol. But keep at it, keep distracting, and teaching him to leave her alone.

Shade 12-22-2013 08:17 PM

I brought my WL into a home with a miniature poodle and two cats. From day 1 it was firm rules set that they were not play things, no chasing and no pouncing allowed. With consistent work it was easier and easier

I also made sure that I always had toys and treats on me so that it was ME that was the most exciting thing in the world. So if I saw fixation I pulled out a toy and immediately engaged him in play, soon he was running to me whenever he wanted to play because he knew I would always oblige. Even now whenever he grabs a toy he brings it to me first to see if I will play with him

Be firm and offer that outlet and you will see improvement, it took a few months before I allowed my two dogs unsupervised anywhere even just in the house but now I trust them to get along and just make sure I'm in hearing distance to step in if ever needed.

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