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Biosphere 12-18-2013 04:50 PM

My puupy turned into a bully!
My puppy turned into a bully, any advise how on how to handle this and break him of his bad habits? This isnít just at home, but if we visit friends and family he becomes a bully. Weíve tried ignoring him but sometimes itís not us he wants the attention from.

Example 1) When someone pets our older dog, if heís not already being pat heíll push our older dog aside.

Example 2) When our older dog picks up a ball (or anything else) to play with our puppy runs over and takes it. If he canít just take it heíll bark and whine until our older dog gives up and walks away from the toy.

Example 3) When our older dog decides itís time for a nap out on our deck our puppy wonít leave him be. Barks, whines, sometimes even paws at him until he get up. Once the older dog does get up our puppy follows him. The barking stops until he lays down outside again, rinse and repeat until our older dog comes inside.

Example 4) When our older dog lays down on one of the dog bed (we have two they both use) our puppy again barks, whines and paws at him until he gets up. Our puppy will lay down on the bed he just took. If our older dog goes to the other the puppy is back up to harass him and take the bed again. The only time he leaves him alone is early morning / late night when theyíre both still sleepy; if our older dog lays on the floor instead of a bed; or if our older dog lays on the couch next to one of us.

Example 5) Thereís also a list of things he wonít do or take.
A dogís food if theyíre eating out of the bowl, otherwise itís a community dish. Wonít touch our older dogís crate. Wonít touch the bone / rawhide we gave our older dog, sit and watch but no barking and keeps a reasonable distance. Ignores it when our older dog looks for a spot to go to the bathroom. Ignores our dog if we have his attention playing/walking/petting or if heís busy waiting for me. IE if I take my shower Iíve been told he lays at the door and ignores everyone until I come out.

I know itís a long list and thank you for taking the time to read it all. I just want to try and paint an accurate picture for anyone who might have some advice on the subject.

middleofnowhere 12-18-2013 05:13 PM

Basically, your older dog has set some boundaries. There are things the pup gets away with and he takes license with those. If you want to give your older dog some peace, put the puppy up. There is nothing wrong with a pup being in a crate. It might be noisey but...

Lilie 12-18-2013 05:50 PM

What do YOU do when the puppy exhibits those behaviors?

Castlemaid 12-18-2013 05:53 PM

How old is your puppy? How long have you had him?

Biosphere 12-19-2013 12:04 PM


Originally Posted by Castlemaid (Post 4693346)
How old is your puppy? How long have you had him?

He'll be a year at the end of January, we picked him up when he was 3 months.


Originally Posted by Lilie (Post 4693330)
What do YOU do when the puppy exhibits those behaviors?

If itís us heís trying to get the attention from we ignore him. We turn our back to him and keep petting the other one but usually the older one gets annoyed and doesnít want to be near the puppy and just walks away. When itís related to another dog, itís up to them. If theyíre will to make a claim for the toy we let them bark until one gives up. Itís usually the puppy who ends up losing. Most of the time the old dog doesnít want to be bothers and just walks away, in which case we take the toy away so neither of them can have it.

Itís not as if the older dog doesnít like the puppy, it seems to be just the opposite, they follow eachother around all the time. They sleep together, go outside together, even put their faces in the water dish together. I canít count the number of times our older dog has gone off to find the puppy and bring him back. It seems to be the puppy just doesnít know boundaries yet and our older dog isnít always will to teach them but instead canít be bothered.
BTW our other dog is 8yrs, not bouncing with energy but still willing and ready to play.

Baillif 12-19-2013 12:33 PM

It's best if you step in and correct breaches in decorum that will possibly start fights after the puppy loses it's pass

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