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brandongill1 01-23-2013 12:55 AM

What should I do? puppy agression?
Hi guys me again, so I am completely at a loss for words right now with Odin, with our family he's the perfect dog, calm, relaxed, and extremely loving, but with strangers he just pulls a complete 180, in the 10 months that we have had him, he has attacked 3 people, has never bitten anyone, but has jumped on them snarling and barking, WE HAVE gone through 3 obedience classes with him, but he is just so fearful of people he's never met before, always on guard, and never really fully paying attention, I am just so worried that one day he's going to cross the line and bite someone, and we would have to put him down, our breeder told us that if we did ever have problems with him she would gladly take him back, which now half my family is considering, I don't know what I should do, and what would be fair to Odin, the last behaviourist that came in here suggested that we put him on prozac to help calm him down,

What are your guy's thoughts?

Anja vom Spokane 01-23-2013 01:07 AM

It would be a good idea to find a trainer who specializes in these type of behavior disorders. When you say obedience classes I am assuming a class at a local petstore or such? You may have to look outside of your local area to find the right person.

How old is he and and what age did you bring him home? I know that GSD's if not socialized often behave like you describe.

harmony 01-23-2013 01:12 AM

He might act to feelings. or might not be the " right" hand. give hime back if the breeder will take him or, toughen up:). (warm wishes coming ur way).. You tell a dog what to do, it never works the other way around.:)

harmony 01-23-2013 01:14 AM

yes ob training does not work on a hard dog:). You should find the right kind of trainer to help you and your dog:)

KZoppa 01-23-2013 03:11 AM

Clearly you have a liability on your hands. This dog, if you dont give him back to the breeder or put him to sleep, needs to be managed intensely. You say he's attacked 3 people. When someone says attack, I dont think of it as "oh hey nobody was really hurt". I see stitches, a new fear of dogs, etc.... If this dog is not okay around outsiders, he needs to be kept away from them. Not even allowed to interact with them. It obviously stresses him out more than he can handle.
Speaking from experience, managing a fear aggressive dog can become an extremely stressful task, especially when it lasts for years. In our case, our fear aggressive guy has been going downhill the last few years and he's reached the point that we're deciding when to take him to the vet and release him from whatever demons are floating around his head. He's 8. He's been a wreck since he was about 2. Do whats best for you, your dog and your family. Living in fear can cause a great deal of stress on your dog.

Verivus 01-23-2013 03:19 AM

You need to find a good behaviorist to figure out where this fear is coming from. Is it genetics? trauma? A combination of things? Whether or not it's "fixable". An obedience class isn't going to do anything for your dog. No one here can really help you without being able to physically be there and assess the dog and his behavior. If you do decide you cannot manage this dog then you should start by contact your breeder. This dog sounds like a liability so rehoming really is not an option.

doggiedad 01-23-2013 07:08 AM

1>>> keep him away from strangers. muzzle him.

2>>> find a behaviourist and manage him.

3>>> if you can't manage him give him back to
the breeder.

some dogs are off no matter how well you
train them, no matter how well you socialized
them, if you use the best beaviourist that
practices you can still have problems.

good luck.

onedogman 01-23-2013 08:56 AM

I disagree with most of the advise here, so I may well be 100% wrong. I would work very hard at socializing him even more. Start with people he knows or will be around some of the time, and add some people that are alerted to his behavior. and aren't afraid of dogs. It is usually the little unconscious nervous signals that people do that sets a dod off. BTW, one of the ways to train a dog to be aggresive is to hold them back when someone comes around. I got lucky & my Maggie loves almost everyone & thinks strangers all love her. I took her for walks around the neighborhood almost as soon as I got her & encouraged everyone to pet her. One thing for sure is that you have to be the boss & all rules of yours have to be followed.
Best of luck

onedogman 01-23-2013 09:20 AM

One more thought, I think in this situation an electric collar could be invaluable.

StephenV 01-23-2013 09:34 AM

You say you have had him 10 months - is that his age?
A good vet - preferably one with EXPERIENCE with working dogs and their drives can tell you if Prozac/Flouxetine can help. Typically the goal is for it to calm the dog enough that the TRAINING you are undertaking to change the behavior problem can be more effective.
I would say quite a bit of easy socializing at his pace should be tried before writing him off. That said, some things you can fix, some things you can only manage.

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