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Zoey would "excited pee" at times, Just a little dribble. At around 1 yr old she stopped. It wasn't a big deal for us, most of my house is pergo.
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"Existential, as in relating to existence. If we cannot correct this, he is gone (to another home)" is how we are introduced to your predicament.

"It is exceedingly annoying, as he is about 70 lbs now and 2 seconds of pee is a real mess. It is also keeping him from developing a close relationship with the family as he cannot he loose in the house and around us for fear of this happening"

Rather contradictory then to say "
I like this dog a lot and would like to keep him. We get along very well, and he is happy and well adjusted. We clean up the pee and do not make a big deal"

Seems he is in a conflicted state enough to annoy you with his nervous expression of urine . Being banished because you are annoyed is not the picture of a cozy home.
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Originally Posted by Nigel View Post
Zoey would "excited pee" at times, Just a little dribble. At around 1 yr old she stopped. It wasn't a big deal for us, most of my house is pergo.
Well that is encouraging. Ours is more than a dribble though, it is a full on squirt. It is not from fear or submission, and I really don't think he knows it is happening. I guess that sounds similar to yours. Did your dog know, or do you think it was involuntary?

Originally Posted by Mary Beth View Post
If he has been doing this since he was a puppy, then it does sound like excitement urination. Also if he is not neutered, he could be marking his territory, like when he does it when another dog goes by.
It has been going on since he was a puppy. It is less frequent now, but when he does it, it is a larger amount. How old do they have to be to mark territory? He has not shown much interest in that so far.
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Originally Posted by msvette2u View Post

Read through these links at length.
Can We Help You Keep Your Pet? Submissive Urination
(not sure if you checked out these links or not)
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Originally Posted by selzer View Post
If you have had the dog for five months, and you can consider getting rid of him for such a minor issue, then you probably are not well matched with this dog. No bond. It is probably better for you to give the dog back to the breeder.

The very fact that this is such a big deal to you will probably make the problem take longer to resolve.

Excited or submissive urination is not really the dog's fault. They do outgrow it if you do not over-react and punish them for it. Even becoming frustrated will make this take longer to clear up.
Agree. I didn't read the whole thread. My boy Axel did this..for a long time. He will be 2 in February, and it hasn't happened now for about 6 months... they do not realize they are even doing it. why on earth would you ditch your dog for this? Hes a dog. They do things like this.. maybe you shouldn't have a dog if you get so upset cleaning up a little pee... there is poo to pick up too....

(I really hope the mods dont kick me out for being blunt again... )

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my mom has a 12 y/o dachshund that has issues excitement/submissive peeing. she is also neurotic and won't walk around things or on hard/slick floors. you learn what causes it and how to avoid it. you don't just give up on your dog.

and i don't think people here have an issue with the word 'command' as much as the phrase 'when i am commanding him'. a better phrasing would be 'when i give him a command such as sit, stay, or down...'

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here is your proof that the dog is not incontinent " He has never had an accident in the house or in his bed. Never, not a single one. When he has to relieve himself, he lets us know and we send him out. Since we got him at 12 weeks, we have not had a problem with that."

here is your proof that it is situational - as you said when excited or conflicted " it is a full on squirt. It is not from fear or submission, and I really don't think he knows it is happening. I guess that sounds similar to yours. Did your dog know, or do you think it was involuntary?"

sorry it is from submission out of ANXIETY . saw a program about the night fighters , WW 2 airmen that got a nervous bladder just before going out for their missions and they would have a ritual of having their nerve piss just outside the plane . No different than going out to some competitive trial and visiting the bathroom for the upteenth time.
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I totally agree with Carmen's post above..

How do you "know" it's not from submission/fear ? Did he tell you? Since you don't know why it's happening I don't think you "know" that it isn't from x or x.

As suggested, get a full vet work up first..If this is a behavior you don't want to deal with maybe it's best you return him to the breeder or rehome him

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take him out more often. you know when he pees in what
situation. take him before the situation arises or take him out
as soon as the situation arises. how long ago was the Vet check
and what did the Vet do? what test did the Vet do? did the Vet
do any blood work, check urine samples or stool samples?
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my dog has this problem, but its only when she meets new people. i am hoping she will grow out of it, but if she doesnt, i will just keep cleaning it up, i wont rehome her though.

whats reward do you offer your dog when he obey's his command?

the reason I ask this is that GSD's very much want to please their owners. If he is faced with a situation where he wants to go outside, but he also wants to do what you say, he has an internal conflict, and may pee "oh no what do I do??? I wanna do both!!!.... oh crap... I peed.". however if you tip the scales in your favour, by offering him great rewards such as treats and praise, there will be a lot less conflict when it comes to obeying you, and he may not pee so often.

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