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I'm so ticked of right now!!

Bubbles biting problem hasn't stopped no matter any method I've used. Sometimes when I have to get something dangerous out of her mouth. I offer a treat if she drops it. if she doesn't drop it I got to get it out of her mouth. When I try to get it out she growls snaps barks bites pins her ears back at me. this is how she acts even when she is trying to bite my hands. I have so many scars. instead of calling it quits on bubbles . I've taken her to training and made sure she was healthy. I'm not mad at the dog.

The thing is I asked the vet at pet smart to see if she is having mental problems or having medical issues. I asked for blood work and to be evaluated mentally. Little to say they didn't do what I asked. They said to take her to training. ugh.. she is in training!. Then they said get an at home trainer. So I asked for a recommendation. they told me to look on the internet. I was very pissed by this. how could a vet not give me recommendations!!! I am willing to put the money and time into bubbles BC other then the biting she is very sweet especially with kids, and other animals. She only bites me . I'm sorry for complaining. I asked for help and good vet care for bubbles. Its not bubbles fault I'm trying so hard . I'm getting tired of trainers and vets not doing their jobs. I'm tired of not getting the help me and bubbles desperately need. I can't ignore the biting and aggression just BC she is a puppy. I want to nip it in the butt now so it doesn't develop into anything worse. Arizona sucks on German Shepherd behaviorist trainers. I don't know if its worth going out of state for a good trainer.

rant over I'm so frustrated.
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Hmmmm. Maybe you can look up APDT (American Pet Dog Trainers). They should have a list of trainers with their proximity. I suggest them because they at least have to jump through a few hoops to be certified with the organization.

I think I wouldn't go to a store to get vet-care for my dog. I have heard some nasty things from these vets. If I asked a vet to check something out on my dog, and they flatly refused, then I would probably seek another vet.

However, puppy biting is pretty common, and your complaint is something that does sound more like a behavior problem then a physical problem, and if that is the case, then kudos to the vet for not taking the opportunity to run useless tests on your dog.

If you are not following NILIF (Nothing In Life Is Free) with this pup, you might want to look that up as well. It is about leadership. Your puppy thinks that he can keep possession of something that you want, and if you adjust your leadership style so that he understands that you have a right to whatever is in his mouth, then this won't be a problem. I think that if you follow this, especially those points that are hardest for you to do, I think it will get better. This doesn't have to be forever, and it can be.

Kudos to you for not waiting for the pup to be big and strong and scary enough that this is an emergency before addressing it. I hope some of the people who have landsharks will chime in.

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My two didn't go through a land shark phase because I didn't allow it. I know some don't agree with this but if my dogs tried to bite, they got their noses slapped.
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If she only bites you, then you need a behaviourist to come into your home and evaluate you and how you interact with her. You are doing all the right things, yet there is still this issue between you and her. Doesn't sound like she needs an evaluation, more like you need an outsider's insight at the dynamics between you and Bubbles.

I'd phone around to different vets or phone the local shelter and see if they can offer some recommendations. I don't think there is anything wrong with Bubbles, chances are you probably got caught in a repetitive behaviour pattern that inadvertently re-inforced Bubbles behaviour towards you (like the biting problem). Once those dynamics have been identified and understood, you can start working on changing them.


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Originally Posted by Nikitta View Post
My two didn't go through a land shark phase because I didn't allow it. I know some don't agree with this but if my dogs tried to bite, they got their noses slapped.

Heh! Heh!

How does your dog react today if you raise your hand to it, or better take a swing at it?
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Bubbles, I went through the same stage with WD. I was at my wits end. I had always been succesful in training the pups, mine and clients'. Then I found myself with this beautiful, cute monster that was getting the better of me. I have always used the positive techniques but with WD, that was not enough. When I saw him coming at me, little wolf cub at 12 weeks old, I grabbed him by the side of his neck, made him look at me and told him, "NO!". I knew that by around 16 weeks, things would get better as he was in the hierarchy stage. I wrote that 16 week marker in my planner and to the day it happened; gentle, never did it again. But it was a 24/7 job with constant training, exercise, places to go, crate time,etc. My hubby reminded me regularly ("What would you advice your clients?") Even though I knew all this stuff, with my own dogs I often have to step back and look at the issues. So I kept going and if you could only see him now: 10 months old and the dog I had in mind when I first met him as this tiny wolfy cub. After more than 20 years of working as a (pet dog) trainer WD was quite the experience. He also taught me that one method doesn't work for every dog. And you know what? There comes a time when you miss that little monster....
So hang in there and work through this crazy stage the and let us know what happens in a few weeks.

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My dog is the same age and def a land shark. Although getting better. And she never growls or shows signs of it being aggression. I would def look for a serious trainer. Ill see if I can find anything. What did you used to so when she bit? Has she been punished for it before? Does she have any negative associations with you grabbing her muzzle?

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What about a local schutzhund club? They would know how to help you.
^gsd club


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Hope those help

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I had the same problem with Kaylee. I do not allow any biting and I did the usual everything stops the second her teeth touched human skin. I did all of the usual methods and nothing worked and I was frustrated as to why she kept it up. The dog knew this was unacceptable behavior yet she still did it. Time out, leave it, no, off, spray bottle in the face, holding her muzzle telling her no bite, redirecting her with chew toys. Also, ignoring the behavior which did not work and escalated to harder biting to get attention. Then not playing with her at all for a time which still did not work. Keeping her on a lead and making corrections also did not work. I did what our trainer told me to do and it did not work 100% the dog was still nipping and biting. The other GSD dogs we had were nothing like Kaylee. I talked with Lou Castle over the phone. Lou told me about this site,

Rank Civ

Now after using the rank drive I have a 7 month old who no longer bites me. She still nips every now and then as puppies will do but this is nothing compared to what she was doing before which was constant. So now we are still working on our foundation before moving on to any more training and the rank drive made a HUGE difference. Maybe it might work for you too? Check the link and give it a shot.
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