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Zeke won't quit jumping on us

Hi all,

Zeke is a 6mo male from working lines. He's really been a great dog but in the past couple weeks his jumping up on people problem is actually getting worse. Obviously the bigger he gets, the more painful this becomes for us humans. I have always given a firm "no", or "off" when he jumps on me or others, but it hasnt really worked to cure the issue. I have also tried asking him to sit before he has a chance to jump but he chooses not to hear me.

The trainer said to keep his leash on him when we are in the house, that way i can stand on it when he tries to jump, preventing him from being able to. This works because he cant physically jump, but once the leash is off he's jumping again.

I need advice!!


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Re: Zeke won't quit jumping on us

Yeah, jumping is always an issue. I allow it with Renji because I like his pushy attitude (sometimes ) but that also means he does jump on guests! Well, this is a dog household...

I find that Renji jumps a LOT more if things are excited and uncontrolled. If I first make sure his energy has been burned out through physical and MENTAL exercise (training), then that's half the battle because a tired dog has less energy to devote to being a kangaroo. Next, the guests must come in *calmly* and IGNORE the dog! Greet me first, let's get everyone settled down, forget the furry four-legger even exists, do NOT even look at him! This works VERY well. Then when things are settled, I warn the guests that he does jump, we do allow it, please STAY CALM to reduce the jumping, and finally I do have a pretty solid "off." If the guests are calm, Renji tends not to jump or only jumps once or twice. I do NOT like guests petting him while he is up on them and I "correct" the guests if they do this. I do hand them toys so they can interact with the dog in a way that redirects his energies.

One of the best commands, something we haven't taught but SHOULD teach, is the "place" command. "Go to your place/bed/mat/whatever" is an excellent command that can be used to tell the dog to go there and sit there, lay there, hang out there until told otherwise. You can have a mat or bed near the door so your dog can watch the goings-on but you can teach him to stay there while guests are coming in and wait for your release. Since he is a six month old pup, I would absolutely keep him on a leash- let him drag it around so if he does jump, you can redirect him. Have the guests help out in the training as well- if he jumps, they are to say "off," then stand straight and tall, turn their backs to the dog, and stand still. Dogs really don't like this because they're getting ignored! You tell your dog to sit, praise quietly when he does, and the guest calmly turns back around and resumes CALM petting! None of that frantic "GOODBOYGOODBOY scritchscritchscritch" stuff which incites tons of excitement, just a slow, quiet "gooood boy" and a slow pet to encourage calm behavior. If he jumps, they ignore again. So if he wants to meet guests, he had darn well better have his butt to the ground!

Please remember though, your dog is a PUPPY and has TONS of puppy exuberance! Less correction, more rewarding of good behavior! Now is also a GREAT time to jump back into obedience classes; they should stress proper greetings and jumping on people so you'll really benefit from a basic OB class at this point.

This is a good series of videos that teaches how to progress to stopping a dog from jumping. Definitely worth a look!

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Re: Zeke won't quit jumping on us

I chastised DH this morning for telling Mauser NOT to jump up at the counter!

If we have a similar problem I think I'll try doing the meeting on leash and then give the person a tug toy so Masuer has something to do other than jump on them.
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Re: Zeke won't quit jumping on us

The best thing we have tried is to ignore him. You will need to try this out alot but he will get the hint.Have some one enter the door and when he jumps have the person cross there arms and turn to ignore him.Give no attention till he stops jumping and sits.The more this is done he'll get the hint

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Re: Zeke won't quit jumping on us

Thanks for the advice guys. I do agree that he is much worse when he hasnt had play time. Lately it just seems like he does it to annoy me! He is in a basic OB class now and its helped a lot on other ways but we havent gotten to the greetings part yet

I guess I'll keep him on his leash around the house and hope for improvement!


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Re: Zeke won't quit jumping on us

Mara, got any new pics of Zeke???????


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Re: Zeke won't quit jumping on us

Most people will put there hand out with there palm raised when a dog comes toward them. Next time you work on obedience you can use this motion when you ask him to sit. After some time he will associate this hand movement with the command. As guests meet him there natural reaction to him coming to say hello will encourage him to sit instead of jumping on them.
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Re: Zeke won't quit jumping on us

Some how I missed this, I agree, I think we MUST see new pictures!!!

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Re: Zeke won't quit jumping on us

You can also reach your hands down toward the dog (rather than up and away). It seems to stop the forward motion. I used the verbal cue "four on the floor."

Do be careful that your chin and his forehead don't meet if you try my suggestion. The first time I wasn't fast enough I got blitzed on the chin. It hurt for quite a while. I did learn to anticipate and move with more confidence.

It only took a few days before Jake decided that my coming down to him was better than his coming up to me. The same cue word now makes him stop jumping on counters, couches, the hood of the truck, etc.

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Re: Zeke won't quit jumping on us

We tried the ignoring/turning back thing with our Jake . . didn't work so well. We actually walk into him. Not forcebly by any means, just enough to get him off balance, move into his space. He eventually turns around and walks away. Our boy tries to be very dominating, so walking into him worked better. I'm very consistent in doing it, so he has pretty much stopped completely with me. We are working on it with other people. You have to find friends that aren't afraid of the dog for one, then aren't afraid of getting a paw in the chest a few times.

He used to jump on us on the couch too. We started standing up and walking into him . . that has put a serious dent in that behavior as well.

Good Luck!

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