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des32 08-30-2014 09:00 AM

First Raw Feeding
First off just wanted to thank everyone on the forum who has assisted me in starting raw. This will be my first post but I have been scrolling through threads for a long time before I finally felt comfortable enough to start raw. So thank you to everyone who has contributed to these threads about feeding puppies raw.

Last night we did our first raw feeding for 12 week old GSD. We started out with just one chicken back and also did the same thing this morning. He did awesome and ate the bones and all. My question is what should I go with next? Would feeding chicken backs in the A.M and chicken breast at night be the next move or should I stay with chicken backs for the next couple of days?

Also had a question about sanitation. He is still in the bitey stage and loves to bite us whenever he can get his hands on us. Is this something we should be concerned about especially after he eats? Is there any extra precautions to take when feeding raw to ensure that we do not catch any diseases or anything like that from the chicken?

sterlingmaloryarcher 08-30-2014 10:02 AM

If he's just starting out, he'll need some extra bone until he adjusts. I have a 5 month old and I rotate between chicken quarters, drumsticks, and necks. I follow prey model raw and they suggest to stick with chicken backs for the first 2-3 days. Their getting started guide is excellent. Then after the third day, alternate between chicken backs and leg quarters (I have to cut the quarter in half to feed to my dog). Transitioning dogs will need more bone in the beginning, but monitor his poop to make sure he's not getting constipated from too much bone. I would stay away from any totally boneless meals for a while, and even then, some dogs have to have bone in every meal.

I personally don't worry too much about my dog mouthing me or licking me (although he doesn't do much of either anymore), since a dog's saliva contains lysozyme, which destroys bacteria. And since he doesn't have plaque from the raw feeding, there isn't really a good place for bacteria to live. But my boyfriend doesn't want the dog licking him because of the raw chicken, so it's really whatever is comfortable for you. I personally figure that if I was going to get sick from a dog, it would be from any number of other things that he does/eats/licks outside, and I haven't yet gotten sick from any of my dogs.

I do wipe down the crate after he finishes eating with a lysol wipe, and I wash the bowl between feedings. Generally treat the chicken like you would your prep for regular meals (washing your hands, wiping down counters, etc) and you shouldn't have too many problems.

Tirah 08-30-2014 11:49 AM

We too started feeding raw this week for our 15-week old GSD. Still new to all this and weary of giving young dogs or any dog for that matter bones, but I know in the wild they eat them. Should I be concerned with giving our pup boned meat. I put a mixture together I feel is full of nutrients, but really not sure.....Chicken, turkey, chicken liver/gizzards/hearts, pureed broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, pecans, blueberries, carrots, yogurt, also added coconut oil, olive oil, eggs shell and all and when I give him is portions I add a few chunks of beef, all of course weighed out.

Of course any suggestions would be great and helpful and any of the recipe or others and thoughts on the boned meat to add.


David Winners 08-30-2014 12:51 PM

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You must feed bones or supplement with calcium.

Tirah 08-30-2014 01:59 PM

Oh my....gave Diesel our GSD his first weighed leg of a chicken today....WOW! Impressive the natural instinct to break down the bone, he crunched and gnawed with no issues! I do supplement with Calcium, Vitamin E, Glucosamine & Chondroitin with MSM and fish oil..Seeing him eat the chicken bone really eases my mind on the whole raw feeding. However I think it will cost more, but I'm sure I'll find ways around that. Any suggestions on where to get recipes or should I just stay basic.

GSDhistorian 08-30-2014 02:16 PM

Hope this helps, its a video i found on youtube of a raw feeding plan, the guy who did this video seems to always answer questions if you ask, hope it helps :)

David Winners 08-30-2014 02:19 PM

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my boy diesel 08-30-2014 02:21 PM

chicken backs are too bony without enough meat
plus you need an organ or two

please go back to the drawing board
the bones and organs are to be given in ratios to the muscle meat

gsdsd 08-30-2014 03:22 PM


Originally Posted by David Winners (Post 5964537)
You must feed bones or supplement with calcium.

Welcome to the Raw Dog Ranch

What calcium supplement do you recommend ?

David Winners 08-30-2014 03:25 PM

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Originally Posted by gsdsd (Post 5965177)
What calcium supplement do you recommend ?

Bones. I feel there are far more benefits to feeding bones than another source of calcium. Plus, they come inside the meat ;)

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