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PMRonan 03-30-2014 04:42 AM

For future refernce: Half chickens
He is a wee little thing now, but, as he ages it would be useful to know:

I have a very steady and financially feasible way to obtain half chickens uncooked. no organs but bone-in and all. Are these acceptable for the corner stone of a raw diet? Or do I need to focus more on red meat?

Serbrider 03-31-2014 03:05 PM

I use primarily chicken for my older dog. My pup is on an elimination diet so no chicken for another week to make sure it's not what is causing her allergies.

But my older dog spent most of her time on raw getting chicken leg quarters. Perfect amount for her and had the right ratio of bone to meat (she needs bone every meal, just the way she is).

I see nothing wrong with it. It's meat.

I also think of what would be feasible for dogs in the "wild". If there were non-flying birds or rabbits about, they would generally be easier to catch and have faster reproduction than an elk or deer. So I would think they would eat more of them than most of the larger animals, which would need a pack to catch, not just individuals.

So... as long as you still give organs and occasional variety, I see nothing wrong with feeding mostly chicken. A lot of people do it because it's cheaper. :p

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