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seirios 01-09-2014 11:38 AM

raw diet and bones, questions
hello guys, new to the forum, GSD's AND raw feeding. a little history of me before i ask my question:
bought my dog from a breeder in dallas tx May 5th 2012, he was born March 27 2012, great dog, i love him and want the best for him, which is why i am switching to raw dieting. i have done tons of research on this and am now just in the process of finding a reliable source of food, so here is my question;
should i grind bones or feed them to him whole?
i have read a lot on this and most people say grinding is best to prevent intestinal perforation and cracking teeth, im on the fence about it either way so just want opinions to help me decide on what will be best for my doge!
i have gotten ALL the information ive ever needed from this site so thanks for that!

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