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vannahmom 03-18-2014 10:23 AM

Question about Material to use for Whelping
I have 3 German Shepherds. One was a rescue male that we have a fenced in yard and have turned our basement into a Big Doggy house with Heat Lamps and out Dogs love it. They were inside dogs but we had a battle and lost they all wanted to be outside all the time together. We decided after much research to breed our White German Shepherd 1 time for some locals who had interest. We have a Solid Black, A Black and Tan male that is fixed, and Our White Mommy to be. She is due April 3rd according to vets.
My question is we want to make the (dirt)basement covered completly with some type of material so that it is warm and nice for mommies. I have a whelping box ready but just in case. We have cameras in the basement to see what is going on. And our Males are big tattle tales. My question is Cedar, Straw, or Hay. Or a mix.
I want to go ahead and have everything ready. I have all the other supplies.

onyx'girl 03-18-2014 10:26 AM

heat lamps~ cedar straw or hay=fire
you are going to let the dogs just do their thing while you watch from a camera?

vannahmom 03-18-2014 10:34 AM

No we have a camera so at night we can keep an eye on them. We thought they fought at night want were trying to see who was starting the fight. Turns out they were playing at night. We have a whelping area already I just want her to be comfortable. She is already pregnant we did a vet visit last week.

Chris Wild 03-18-2014 11:12 AM

Go to Home Depot/Lowes and get a vinyl flooring remnant. Lay it out on the floor and put the whelping box on it to hold it down. The vinyl will be much easier to clean and better for the puppies. Then you can put something on top of that to serve as bedding. I would not use hay/straw/chips. Use blankets, carpet, etc... something soft. We have large fleece pads that we spread out to use. For the first few days you want to make sure that the puppies cannot get tangled up and trapped in the bedding, or get under something and get crushed because the dam can't see them. So it's best to spread the blankets/carpet out and then put the box on top of it to hold it down so that they can't get bunched up and trap a puppy.

DaniFani 03-18-2014 12:57 PM

Good luck. Please keep all the other dogs away from her. Don't want them to kill or eat a puppy. Also, please spay/neuter asap, all the in tact dogs. The last thing this world needed was another litter of backyard bred puppies. Because she's pregnant, this is neither here nor there, but please don't do it again. The locals could have gone to any shelter or rescue and gotten a dog of the same quality and caliber you are breeding. I know it's harsh, but this kind of breeding isn't condoned and makes a lot of us that are passionate about the breed, or just dogs in general, want to scream. Speuter, speuter, speuter!

Again, good luck.

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