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lalachka 06-25-2014 02:42 PM

DIY turtle tank enclosure
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My tank leaked and since I flooded my neighbors 6 times (my daughter lol) I couldn't bear the thought of anything leaking again.

So I built this leak proof enclosure for the turtle tank. If it leaks - it will just leak inside the wooden box which is lined with a pond liner (it's like a thick rubber material). So the water will stay there until I come home and pump it out.

Anyway, while building it I realized that the thing weighs over 1500 lbs with water and now I'm worried it will fall through the floor))))))

While researching how likely this is, I learned more about building regulations than I ever hoped to. So now I know that I'm at about 3 times the overload on those 15 sq ft. But the rest of the room is almost empty and it's by a bearing wall and is probably sitting on 3 joists (if the building was built to code and nothing rotted) so I'm hoping I'm OK. Time will tell

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And this is how it started
Attachment 219825
Attachment 219841

lalachka 06-25-2014 02:52 PM

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Here's a few more

Attachment 219849Attachment 219857Attachment 219865

I also replaced the radiators, fixed rotted floor and wall around it, sanded and polished the floor in that room, did the plumbing for the washing machine and much more)))))

I love these projects. This is when I live in Home Depot. Basically, I do everything myself except electricity.

Lol got shocked once. Didn't mess with it again

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