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Gretchen 06-10-2014 01:19 AM

Molly walks where the woods meet the bay
Some pictures from our Sunday walk with Molly and my daughter.


As nice as our walks seem for us, Molly loves being at home the best.

hattifattener 06-10-2014 05:10 AM

nice pictures,thanks for posting them.:)

Shade 06-10-2014 07:52 AM

Great photos! :)

K9POPPY 06-10-2014 08:16 AM

Cute pics, beautiful GSD, like the pic of her holding the flexi waiting at the door- Bob

Mister C 06-10-2014 08:33 AM

Nice pictures. Looks like a happy family. thanks for sharing.

ZoeD1217 06-10-2014 08:55 AM

Beautiful pics!

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Lilie 06-10-2014 09:02 AM

Great pics! Makes me wish I were there.......

Gretchen 06-10-2014 11:02 AM

Thanks for looking everyone!
This is a scenic 1.5 loop that doesn't over stress any of us.
Thank goodness for preserved open space that doesn't allow for development. Going here is like a mini-vacation in the middle of a busy, congested area.

Msmaria 06-10-2014 12:17 PM

Love seeing pics of Molly, she always looks so calm and having a good time. Very scenic, love the coast. I like the coming home pic too, but fav is her searching in the grass lol she looks like a puppy there

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