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Madisonmj97 06-09-2014 06:17 PM

Sable new born puppy?
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Not sure this is a sable or not... Attachment 215513

onyx'girl 06-09-2014 06:37 PM

Yes, it is a sable puppy. Why do you question the color?

Madisonmj97 06-09-2014 06:49 PM

Cause idk what sables look like as new borns. Only thing I know of is the black strip on the back but wasn't sure.

MaggieRoseLee 06-09-2014 10:54 PM

Most GSD puppies are all black. (except for white GSD's, they are white :) ) Then they lighten up and get more brown as the weeks go by.

But sable puppies are born brownish colored all over like the one in your picture.

HarleyTheGSD 06-09-2014 11:28 PM

Right, and in a few weeks, the pup will be almost completely tan, besides the mask and a black stripe down the spine. Then it will slowly spread downwards, to the rest of the body. At least, that's how my sable was.

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