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alydbaby 06-02-2014 08:45 PM

My little Maia, 4 weeks
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As promised, here are some pictures of my little girl ! Unfortunately I still have another 4 weeks until she gets to come home, but I visit her any time I get the chance. She's so perfect, I can't stop obsessing over her.. I'm pretty sure my friends are sick of hearing about her. Haha so I definitely had to share my excitement with my fellow GSD lovers. :wub:

Ali B. 06-02-2014 09:00 PM

Awww.......she's a cutie! Love her name!

selzer 06-02-2014 09:43 PM

Cute pup!

luvpippa 06-02-2014 10:06 PM

So cute!! Congrats ... I know how excited you are!!

alydbaby 06-04-2014 08:43 PM

Thanks everyone ! :D I seriously can't stop counting the days... I want her home already ! It's been months since I lost my precious labrador and I'm missing that constant companionship. I'm visiting her again this weekend so I'll have some five week puppy pictures for ya'll ! :wub:

AnyaGSD 06-04-2014 11:58 PM

Awwww cute pup

Scorask 06-05-2014 08:12 AM

Very cute!

daisyrunner 06-05-2014 05:49 PM

Cuuuuuute!!!!! Gosh I remember meeting my now 5 month old pup when he was 5 weeks!!!! I couldnt wait!!! Time went so slow! Keep yourself occupied !!!

Mac's Mom 06-05-2014 07:18 PM

Oh my!!! I looked at the pictures over & over. Sooo adorable! I love the name too.

BePrepared 06-05-2014 11:09 PM

wow, that is RIDICULOUSLY cute... it's barely even tolerable. I might have just had a cute overload

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