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PoukieBear 05-02-2014 08:20 AM

19 months old
Since Lako is dog reactive, we wanted to get him into something that didn't involve other dogs like Agility or Flyball.

Since he used to pull like a maniac on the leash, we decided to try him with Urban Mushing. I bought him a harness last night, and took him out for his first run. He loves it!

The belly strap in the pic is a bit loose, but hubby punched some more holes in the strap so it fits better.

And the obligatory Selfie with my dog :)

And a DERP picture for good measure.

carmspack 05-02-2014 08:58 AM

urban mushing is a riot !

I'm not sure about the harness though . (hinders shoulder movement)

Keep it clean in case you decide to return it.

The problem with this is that the piece at the front can restrict his forward motion.

have a look at some harness scooteringandsleddinggear

the power should be distributed over the back

this is a good tutorial , (former forum member)

help , where's the brakes again?

I did cart dog work -- hauling home groceries, the "kid" from kindergarten , all the friends who wanted a turn .
We did a lot of parades . Great fun . Dogs loved it.

Later on I did sled dog work after buying a handcrafted sled made by a Quebec artisan when my friend a pro racer (Iditarod / Yukon Quest) moved on to a sleek , lightweight , modern version.

I include this because ground work - directionals ,your hee and your haw , around , slow, and stop are important obedience .

Before you head out you should do a warm up . Stretch the limbs out. Standing , take each forelimb and run through the full range of motion. Cupping the elbow , push limb up and into full range of extension, hold , rock, then release. Now the opposite . Same limb pushed back -- pastern and under chin , then leg down and followed through as if running .
Same for both sides.

Rear - run through full range of motion . Take back leg and fold it up and hold , rock , return to stand . Same leg cupped at "knee" now extend to as straight as it can go, rock a few times . release.
Same for the other side.

This stretching prevents injuries or sprains.

add this - good information on the proper harness

PoukieBear 05-02-2014 09:20 AM

Woo! thanks for all the links, they're very helpful.

The harness that he has right now has a ring right at the top, which is what we used last night. I saw similar harness like that on one of the websites that you posted.

When I was at the Pet store last night, they had a box of the X cross harnesses, that looked like they had been donated by a local musher. I had one in my hand but it looked too small, and I didn't like that it had little padding on it.

I think if this goes well in the next couple of weeks, we'll upgrade him to a "real" harness.

carmspack 05-02-2014 09:34 AM

the right harness is pretty important -- especially since you have a young dog whose orthopedics are still developing .

The band at the front spanning the chest interferes with or restricts the forward motion. Some harnesses (for walking) almost hobble the dog , making walking easier , handicapping instead of training.

Usually obedience and conditioning for cardio and breathing are done at this point , getting a dog into a rhythm for breathing , reading a dog for needs such as hydration , over heating , compensating on a limb (changes in movement) , overall fitness.

Your dog looks like it has the right structure to do this .

pay attention to nutrition

PoukieBear 05-02-2014 10:38 AM


Maybe I will go back to the pet store and grab an X harness then.

Nutrition: I just bought a freezer specially for him. I'm going to a raw feeding seminar on May 21 with a Canine Nutritionist in my city. And I've sourced out two great locations to stock up on raw food.

I've done all my research on raw feeding, but still want to wait until after the seminar to start.

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