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GSDBriard 04-30-2014 09:07 PM

Anyone else enjoy running with their GSD?
It's not too hot enjoying some miles with the dogs while I can! I also bought this new harness and leash for Watson and hope to order another harness so I can run with two dogs. It's awesome! I love this thing (and Watson seems to be a fan as well.)

I love trail running with the dogs when I can...a race director friend of mine is trying to start a canicross event in Charlotte. He's just tossing around ideas for now but we're hoping it's a reality!

Anyone else run with their German Shepherd?

SuperG 04-30-2014 09:16 PM

I pretty much only run when chased...

I wonder if they make a Camelbak for dogs....that's what I thought the harness was at first.


ZoeD1217 04-30-2014 09:36 PM

Cute pics! Beautiful dog!

I don't run if I can help it :)

Sent from Free App 04-30-2014 09:56 PM

no running with my dog, I waddle about an hour or so a day. today was miserable, with pounding rain, hardly walked her at all. she isn't a fan of pouring rain.

GSDBriard 04-30-2014 10:07 PM

I've been running since high school cross country...but i'm pretty sure i kept doing it because of the dogs. When I adopted my first GSD I lived in an apartment and figured a good exercise routine would keep her from eating my living room.

It worked...for the most part. I lost a few college textbooks but who needs those...

Ruffwear make cool stuff for running or hiking, i have a hydration type thing like a camelbak for myself just made by another company. I also have a collapsible silicone cup thing that slides right into a pocket and i can fill that with water for the dogs.

Juliem24 04-30-2014 10:56 PM

OP, what kind of harness did you say that is? I run, but have not been happy with the arrangement I have cuz Rudy weaves. That looks like it might solve some problems.

Muskeg 04-30-2014 10:58 PM

Yup, I run with my dogs daily on the trails- often around 100 miles/week. They love it. I love it. It forms a special bond, I feel like a complete "pack" out there in the woods, and the smells, sights, and forward movement make the dogs content and happy. I have three dogs, so I go without leashes whenever possible. It is legal in the State park nearby, and "voice control" legal in the city. We are lucky.

GSDBriard 04-30-2014 11:10 PM

Julie, it's made by Ruffwear and I think it's called the Omnijore system, they also make a web harness that is pretty similar in design.

The system comes with a leash and body harness as well...i don't like the leash, it's way too long for city running but works well on trails. In the photos I have the ruffwear roamer leash attached to it instead since it's shorter.

As you can see I let mine run off leash on trails as well and they love it! Kafka, the Briard will run ahead maybe 7-8 ft. and then turn and wait, then run again...Watson will stay right with me. It's not legal here so I don't let them run off leash very often.

That photo happened to be taken while I was sweeping part of the course to a local 100 mile ultra event making sure it was in good shape and I was pretty sure it would be empty.

I aim for 60-70 miles a week since I have a race coming up but otherwise I stick to 40-50, the dogs do maybe 20 of those with me.

Juliem24 04-30-2014 11:13 PM

Thank you! I'll check it out. Can't use a leash, I've lost the strength in my hands due to a neck injury, so that will be perfect.

Ellimaybel 04-30-2014 11:59 PM


Originally Posted by ZoeD1217 (Post 5455322)
Cute pics! Beautiful dog!

I don't run if I can help it :)

Sent from Free App

One of my favorite sayings, if you see me running call 911. The only time I would run is if my life is in danger. And then I would probably only make it about 2 minutes and then die a horrible death, either murder or heart attack. I did enough running in the army, never was one to enjoy it. In my dreams I'm an awesome runner. In actuality I'm quite slow and heavy breathed.

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