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DJEtzel 03-28-2014 06:55 PM

The German boys get a treat
Got an order of hooves and bully sticks in today... Needed an "excuse" to take more pictures with my new lens, so Patton and Frag got hooves to nom on while I took pictures! XD Frag knows by now that the goods don't come without strings attached...

Didn't even edit them because I'm lazy.

Thanks for looking! I know they aren't the best.. my lighting sucks so my ISO was cranked.

HarleyTheGSD 03-28-2014 07:01 PM

Beautiful boys! And your photo-taking skills are truly showing with these photos!

Gretchen 03-28-2014 08:03 PM

Oh, they look so satisfied. We've never tried hooves, do they splinter?
Also, I really like your wall and floor color combination. 03-28-2014 08:05 PM

beautiful dogs. thanks for sharing

Baillif 03-28-2014 08:05 PM

Cute pups. I used to give the hooves but they smell god awful after a bit.

MiaMoo 03-28-2014 08:30 PM

Beautiful pups. ♡

Mia LOVES hooves, but I cant give them to her anymore. The moment they get wet I can smell it from a room away. It wasn't a strong smell at all, but I couldn't handle it.

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SunCzarina 03-28-2014 08:50 PM

Aww the contented chewing smiles.

Hooves don't last long with Otto but if I can find the black ones it's good for a morning of no wild rumpus through my office.

DJEtzel 03-29-2014 12:29 AM

Thanks guys!

The hooves seem to last quite a while, are cheap, and don't seem to splinter from what I can tell? I also don't notice much smell- much less than the bully sticks we get!

Definitely nice to throw out so that I can have some quiet time to watch tv or sew. :D

Baillif 03-29-2014 06:54 AM

Don't let them swallow large chunks of the nail part of the hoof. They'll end up puking that up on your carpet in the middle of the night.

scarfish 03-29-2014 07:33 AM

nice to see them chewing on their hooves nicely. we always throw at least 3 down for our 2 dogs but they always end up fighting over the same one.

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