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Jenna&Tyler 03-18-2014 09:14 PM

coat color. Help?
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Hello, i am new to this forum. I need help determining what color my GSD is and what he might look like when he gets older. I know its hard for anyone to tell right now because hes so young, i just want an educated guess. This is my baby boy Kaiser. He just turned 11 weeks old. Any help will be greatly appreciated :):)

FirefighterGSD 03-18-2014 09:23 PM

He looks like a typical Sable to me. What do mom and dad look like?

Jenna&Tyler 03-18-2014 10:10 PM

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I thought sable also but just wanted a second opinion from other German Shepherd owners . The Sire is the one in the first picture, Dam is in the second ,

SunCzarina 03-18-2014 10:32 PM

Sable like the mother. Look back at the sire's pedigree, he has a very similar look to my male who has 2 sable grandparents although his parents are both black and red.

Edit to add: he's wicked cute with his huge feet and those ears

Jenna&Tyler 03-18-2014 11:41 PM

Thank you. I think hes pretty cute myself. The sires pedigree has mostly black and tan. Don't sables go through a dark to light phase? or light to dark?

Suka 03-19-2014 08:10 AM

Yep, I bet he'll look like mom.

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