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Vaks 02-27-2014 05:39 PM

big nose, big face :-) big baby!!

Sunflowers 02-27-2014 05:43 PM

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Handsome Gibbs! :wub:
His mother always lurks, just in case he needs disciplining. LOL.

Vaks 02-27-2014 05:45 PM

lolll oh yes!!!!!!! he needs disciplining and his mother is nothing so far!!! :P

Harry and Lola 02-27-2014 05:45 PM

Absolutely beautiful photos.

A most regal, confident, alert looking GSD

tottie86 02-27-2014 06:17 PM

Wow what a beautiful dog!!

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Msmaria 02-27-2014 06:55 PM

Both beautiful dogs. Am definitely a fan of baby Gibbs. I love every pic you post.

Kahrg4 02-27-2014 06:55 PM

I feel like there needs to be sweeping dramatic music to accompany these pics. Like the hero returns wizened and triumphant.

He's so handsome. :)

Vaks 02-27-2014 07:03 PM

ohhhhhhh thank's!!!! I appreciate your comments

JakodaCD OA 02-27-2014 08:14 PM

baby gibbs big smooches to you:)

3GSD92_00_12 02-27-2014 08:34 PM

I thought his mom was there to make sure he was listening to instructions.
He is so handsome. Both Gibbs and his mother are very eye-catching with how majestic they bear themselves. Can I join the Baby Gibbs fan club?

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