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Melina 02-22-2014 05:14 PM

The Kodamonster! (Still Testing Out The New Camera)
Made it to the back yard to test out the Mark III this afternoon. What a better subject to try out the new camera/lens on than The Kodamonster? :)

Sp00ks 02-22-2014 06:27 PM

Nice shots, cute girl.

Are you doing the vignetting in post?

nikon22shooter 02-22-2014 07:04 PM

I love the natural tones from Canon. And this is coming from a nikon user.

Melina 02-22-2014 07:24 PM

Sp00ks - Boy ;) I'm noticing a little vignette from the new lens (Not unheard of from a cheap lens), but I am adding a little in post, yes

I'm actually not doing much post to these at all though, just bumping up the contrast and highlights, then adding a bit of a vignette. I don't like heavy post.

Nikon22 - I just switched from Nikon back to Canon. I had a D3s :)

nikon22shooter 02-22-2014 07:33 PM

Very nice!!! I have a D4 and keep thinking about switching.

Sp00ks 02-22-2014 07:39 PM

I'll say this about the Canon vs. Nikon debate. I can spot a Nikon image a mile away. I just don't like the color tones. However, with that said I think I would prefer Nikon for portrait work. I have shot Canon since I could afford a Camera back in the AL-1/AE-1 days. I wanted an F-1 so bad... Ok, showing my age.

I don't like heavy post either. Since I shoot RAW, my post processing is typically getting my color balance, exposure, etc. consistent through out the shoot. That is about it. I batch a lot.

I really want a Camera body that I can use my L glass to shoot video. I don't know why. I would probably do it a couple times and not touch it again.

nikon22shooter 02-22-2014 07:46 PM

I completely agree. I've been trying to duplicate canon tones but it requires way to most processing.

I shoot mainly weddings and senior portraits. Occasionally high school sports.

Well sorry for hijacking. I'll start a camera thread :)

Melina 02-22-2014 08:23 PM

So I just dug up a shot taken with my old Nikon...

You can easily see the difference between the shots above and this one...And I promise you guys it has nothing to do with my editing. I always shoot in RAW and I don't over-edit.

I've noticed since my switch back to Canon, however, that post seems to be much easier to deal with. I'll reiterate, I don't like to do a lot of it, but it seems like I don't have to fight with my images as much...They're cooperating more.

I work at a well-known local camera store, and I won't say I love one more than the other, but I WILL say that I made the switch because I feel that Canon will be more cost effective in the long run. You don't necessarily need to send things out when it comes to Canon, it can be fixed "in house". With Nikon, it has to go back to the manufacturer, which is costly. My main reason for switching back.

Melina 02-22-2014 08:26 PM


Originally Posted by Sp00ks (Post 5068266)

I really want a Camera body that I can use my L glass to shoot video. I don't know why. I would probably do it a couple times and not touch it again.

Have you looked into the C-100's? Not that you have the money to drop on those...Haha

Melina 02-22-2014 08:58 PM

A couple of Miss Rilington (She needs a bath so badly...I would do it, but I can't exactly do it right now, for obvious reasons, heh)

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