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Botox 02-07-2014 11:05 AM

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Hello all!
New member here and after I posted my first question, I was advised to post pics of the puppy! Her name is Archon, and she is now 12 weeks old. Has had all of her shots, and is healthy as can be! :) She is a lover, she loves people and especially snow, she thinks she's a snow plow when I take her out haha.

holland 02-07-2014 11:13 AM

that couch pic is funny-cute pup

GSKnight 02-07-2014 11:16 AM

Great looking pup... love that dark face!!!

mego 02-07-2014 03:25 PM

she looks like she is grinning in the first pic!!! So cute, we also have a snow plower

Lilie 02-07-2014 07:06 PM

Very cute pup!!! Welcome!!

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