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nicky 01-31-2014 08:29 PM

Sunny pictures?????
I just got back from a hike and was thinking how sick I am of the cold & snow. I have about 8000 winter pictures and I am sick of taking them and looking at them.:D

Does anyone have a current picture to show me of sun, beaches, swimming in a body of water that is not frozen, a car ride to a hike that doesn't involve 4x4 and studded tires, dressing for a walk that doesnt involve 5 minutes and 5 pounds of attire to put on, their dog sitting by an air conditioner and not a wood stove, or even a picture of their dog poop that isnt frozen to the snow and impossible to pick up and was done on nice green grass (just kidding on that one).

If it ever gets warm and I see sun I am going to post pictures, so many pictures!!!!! :D:D:D

Thewretched 01-31-2014 08:34 PM

Sunny pictures?????
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Attachment 174330 here's my doofus getting her head stuck (momentarily) while seeing her first pair of ducks and geese

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MichaelE 01-31-2014 08:35 PM

Not from the Midwest. You and I will have to wait until April for that.

I just keep thinking about how miserable I'll be in July when I think about the cold right now.

Harry and Lola 01-31-2014 08:39 PM

I got up at 5am this morning (very hard for me to do). The reason why I got up at 'dawns crack' is because it is just too hot and humid to exercise Lola and Harry during the day.

I am so over hot weather, we are now in February which is a very hot month, I am not happy as I have to wake up too early to exercise them:( The only good thing is they get to swim.

Give me cold and snow (not that Ive seen snow, but Im sure I will love it) anyday.

Maybe I could give you a bit of heat and you can give me a bit of cold to make a nice easy going temperature:)

Over hot weather:mad:

erfunhouse 01-31-2014 08:53 PM

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The best I can do. Afternoon sun shining in

Metro 10/2005-5/2013
Sabo 3/2013-now
Kia 1/2014- now

trcy 01-31-2014 09:00 PM

nicky 01-31-2014 09:02 PM

Oh those pictures are so nice!!!!!! I can't imagine waking up at 5am because it's too hot during the day.:shocked::shocked: I sleep in during the winter because it's too cold to go out.

I guess it's easy to wish for what you don't have. I can't wait to show off summer pixs, and I can come here when I am complaining it is too hot and remember that I complained when it was too cold. :blush:

vprasad 02-01-2014 03:52 PM

Sunny on a sunny day :)
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Here is a picture of 4 GSDs, (L-R) Keila, Storm, Cooper and my boy Sunny on a sunny day :)

onyx'girl 02-01-2014 04:13 PM

I feel the same way and am sick of the snow photo's...I've been on fb looking back at the sun and green pics of my pack lately.
This was taken at the annual Icebreaker festival in South Haven(always the first weekend in Feb) a few yrs ago. We were experiencing a very mild winter, unlike this one where Lake Michigan is pretty much frozen over. We didn't go this weekend, too snowy and nasty!
I want this weather back!
dreaming of green tracking grounds!!!!

Black Kali 02-01-2014 04:18 PM

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